Sunday, February 28, 2010

Port Fail, Crow Win

Whew! I made it, 28 posts in 28 days, and I even posted once about the theme. LOL Today was the first day of OC Restaurant Week, and I had wonderful lunch plans with a group of awesome women I have been lucky enough to get to know. :) We had reservations at Port and most of us were looking forward to bottomless mimosas. I showed up right at noon, and was faced with a charity event. I was so confused, I wondered if I was in the wrong place. I asked around, talked to waiters and hosts wondering where our reservation was, and then finally waited for Ann Marie, who was the one to make our reservation. When she arrived, we spoke to the owner. Apparently, this charity event had been planned for months, and our only option for food was the $20 breakfast buffet that looked like something we could get in a three star Vegas hotel. No bottomless mimosas, no OCRW menu. We waited for FGD, and decided to go somewhere else.

But where? What was close by, that we thought would be good? Crow Bar, we meet again:


It was close by, and not only did they have an OCRW lunch with 1/2 price drinks,
They also have duck fat fries. Oh, how I missed you and your truffle aioli.

I did not spend a lot of time photographing the food, but I had to take a picture of our desserts. Lemon almond biscotti with peach champagne and blood orange sorbets:


And a chocolate tart with raspberry sauce and a vanilla bean gelato:


But next time, we are going to Haven. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is the actual theme of this month's NaBloPoMo, something I haven't even touched on at all. So what does the word "ties" mean to me? Right now, I feel tied down. Not in a good, KTFU, kind of way, but rather in a claustrophobic, "Groundhog Day" kind of way. My life seems to be a never ending repeat of the same crappy day as the day before. I own a condo in a complex I hate, but I can't sell it without feeling totally screwed. Besides, where would we live? Even though my husband has been out of work for 13 months, and I have hated my job for 20 months, he refuses to even look outside the immediate area. But he also won't leave without a job. Gah! If I wasn't married, I would have moved my ass away years ago. But I am married, so I am tied down there too. Not only am I completely tied to my current industry by the economy, I couldn't even tell you what I should be doing instead. I don't even know myself anymore. WTF do I enjoy anyway? Besides the internet, reading, watching TV and sleeping? Because I don't think anyone is going to pay me to do that shit. I'm tied down by my own lack of direction. I'm also tied down by debt. Tied.

How the hell do I go about getting to know myself again? I have suppressed my feelings for so long. I think as far as work goes, I only range from "mildly miserable" to "really miserable" and I don't know if I would recognize enjoyment if it came up and bit me in the ass.

Ties. I hate ties. I wish I was free.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fullbar Review


The other day I needed a snack. I just didn't pack enough to eat for the day. I had heard commercials about Fullbar, and they were on sale at CVS: $1.99 for two. I thought, "Awesome - something that is designed to keep you full, in addition to regular meals! That will work perfectly!" So I bought a couple.
They taste good (I had the Peanut Butter Crunch). They are larger than an average granola bar. It did indeed keep me full. BUT for THREE WW points (170 calories, 4.5 grams fat and only 4 grams fiber) I'm sure I could find something better. I can't believe anyone would ingest an additional 510 calories a day when trying to lose weight? I mean, maybe that works for a guy, but I only get 21 points a day - I don't want to spend 9 of them eating something just to help me eat less at meals. I would rather eat a big salad for zero points - wouldn't that be just as effective? And healthier? And less costly?

I should have looked at the nutrition label before I bought, so that's my fault. But I was really hoping it would be around 100 calories, especially since it is intended to be in addition to meals. Oh well, live and learn.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

BFL@Lunch, Day 2

I did it again. Took my own advice, added some moisturizer, and streamlined the makeup bag, changed the lotion (I forgot to mention - it made me smell cloying, instead of fresh), removed the dry shampoo from the bag, etc. From the moment I left my desk to the moment I was back at my desk, it was exactly 1 hour, 16 minutes. That was 20 minutes to get there and change, 35 minutes of workout, and about 20 minutes to get back. The time just to get to the gym is killing me. Plus, today seemed to be really hard to get and keep equipment. When it was time to do legs, was being used. WTF? And then the barbells kept disappearing. Gah! But I got it in, best as I could do.

Body For Life Day 2, lower body workout
Leg Extension - 44,12, 52/10, 52/8, 66/6, 44/12
Leg Press -131/12

Romanian Deadlift -20/12, 30/10, 40/8, 45/6, 40/12
Reverse Lunge -20/12
Straight Leg Calf Extension - 60/12, 80/10, 100/8, 120/6, 80/12
Seated Calf Raise -80/12
Crunch - 5/12, 10/10, 12.5/8, 15/6, 5/12

Plank - 25 seconds. Damn, my abs were toast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's for lunch?

Yesterday was day 1 of my lunchtime workout plan, and I am happy to say it worked! I now have these in my schedule until the end of time. Seriously, I made them reoccurring appointments with no end date! I was also able to (finally!) use my iFitness app on my Touch. It also worked pretty well. My one constraint is time. Not to say I didn't get a good workout. By all means, I did. MY arms were shaking for about 30 minutes after. It was semi-hard to function. But it took me 20 minutes from walking out of my office, to walking into the weight area dressed and ready to go. Maybe I will speed up a little as I go, but I took a little long at lunch than normal, and still didn't finish my BFL workout. I am still going to count it and move on with the next. In Weight Watchers, they teach you to let go of perfection, so I am going to apply that here as well.

Day 1, BFL, Upper Body Workout (weight/reps)
Barbell Bench Press - 20/12, 40/10, 40/8, 50/6
Dumbell Flye - 15/12
Assisted Pullup - 50/12, 56/10, 62/6, 62/6, 50/12
Barbell Bent Over Row - 30/12
Arnold Press - 10/12, 12/10, 12/8, 15/6, 10/12
Upright Row - 10/12
DB Biceps Curls - 8/12, 10/9, 10/8, 12/4, 8/12
Hammer Curls - 8/10
Lying Tricep Presses - 15/10
Cable Pushdown - Skipped

This took me about 40 minutes, and then it only took me 10 minutes to get cleaned up after. I did feel like a champ afterwards, and since my triceps are *still* sore from pole dancing, I felt it was okay. I'm not sure if I will be finished all the BFL workouts each week, but I'm going to count it anyway. So there.

Now, I did learn a few things during this experiment. 1. I don't know where the hell to put my touch during reps! I alternated between under my sport bra strap or my lap. And sometimes between my teeth. :/ 2. This one might be TMI. The only part of my body that gets sweaty (so far) when weight training is my crotch. :/ 3. I do not need two bottles of hair stuff. 4. I do need moisturizer. 5. I might also need a slightly larger bag. I'm going to get better at this. I can feel it!

We also took a few moments to grab some lemons and hang out with Curry. H played with him and he loved it. Oh, and we read C's cooking magazines and drank the bottle of wine she left for us!




And then we came home and I made lemon orzo:



Tonight I am going to make tabbouleh again, and since these lemons are truly the BEST, I think they need to be the lemons I use for Limoncello!

One last thing. I splurged on my fave moisturizer from Clinique, mostly because Bloomies was having a free gift with purchase! I SPPH the Milly bag, although I have little use for it.


And isn't this keychain adorable?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bonus Post!

You get two posts today - lucky you! I had an interesting talk with our therapist this morning. We usually focus on our marriage in therapy, figuring out how to better work together and support each other, but I have been so miserable with my work situation we decided to talk about that. Hope H didn't mind! After discussing my current situation in more depth, my history and past aspirations, he came up with something I found profound. He basically said that when you have a certain level of intelligence and don't respect that intelligence or your strengths by choosing a career that doesn't match your strengths and interests, you are always going to feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. That really resonated with me. I don't think I can remember a time when I really felt fulfilled with my job. I can remember feeling really happy when I worked with horses in junior high and high school, but then I got a job and had to give it up. I also remember loving an internship I had, where I worked with seals and sea lions. But that might have been the last time. I have had a lot of jobs since, but have been fairly restless in almost any job, like there was something better out there, like there had to be more. Even in my executive assistant job. I loved that job the best, but still wanted to know what my option were for improvement. That's how I landed in sales - just trying to find something more.

He brought up a really good point to - if we want to have a family, do we really want our children seeing me unhappy at whatever crap job I am doing at the time just to make money? I watched both my dad and my stepdad go through that, as well as seeing my mom's lack of direction and aspiration (mostly due to low self esteem). I need to break the cycle. I don't want my children to be 36, pushing 37, still not knowing what they were meant to do, and hating their life. I want my children to grow up knowing what they want to do and being bold enough to go after it, regardless of the pay or the success rate. I want them to be bold and follow their dreams. I want them to know what there dreams are, and never ever forget them.

So I have decided to pay $30 for a career interests tests given by our therapist. He says it has helped a lot of people in similar situations. His plan is to help me find something I love that also happens to be something I am good at, and then help me figure out how to make money doing it. He also used to be a Financial Aid counselor so has offered to help me figure out to make it work financially (if additional education is required). I'm actually a little relieved that I have something ahead of me that could help. It also feels better to have someone verbalize what I have been feeling for years. Today's session was an A+ in my book.

Race Plan!

I figured instead of moping around because I can't afford to subject myself to major punishment in slightly over 3 weeks, I am going to put together a plan: Marathons AND how to pay for them. And you, lucky reader, get to read about it. Or not. You can always close the window.

Anyway, here is the list:

San Diego Rock 'n' Roll - $115 (I better get on that!)
Nike Women's Marathon - $110, sometime in the next month

PF Changs Rock 'n' Roll - $105, by 9/15
LA Marathon - $125
SD Rock 'n' Roll - $95, by 1/31
Seattle Rock 'n' Roll - $100, by 2/28
Nike Women's Marathon - $110, by 3/15
Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll - $135 (gasp!), by 11/27

So that's approximately $895 in race registration in the next 18 months or so. I'll give you a moment to take in the sheer $$$$ that I am spending on this silly sport. It's really sad that something you can theoretically do for free, i.e. you don't need a gym membership, costs so damn much. Since a couple of my registrations are coming up soon, I am going to put aside $50 a paycheck away, which should cover my 2010 race registrations by Mid-April. Then I have 25 pay periods until 2/25/11 when I theoretically will have to sign up for Seattle to get the good price. If I put away about $25 per pay period, I will pretty much have my race registrations. If I continue to put away $50 per pay period, I should have enough to also travel for some of these races! That's the plan!

Of course, this doesn't even start to cover what it's going to cost to keep me in Pole Dancing classes. :/ And if I get my ass KU, then I might have to put the plan on hold. I sure as shit hope to have my ass KU soon, and hopefully in time to pop that kid out and keep up the running. Worst case scenario, I either pick different races later in the year, or my 2011 plan, becomes a 2012 plan. :) I still don't know why all of this needs to be so damn expensive.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Sore & Random Thoughts on Workout Schedules

I woke up Sunday morning sore, but the kind of sore you know is going to be worse the next day. I love that feeling, and I am super anxious to figure out how to fit more pole into my life!

But in the meantime, I have other fitness aspirations on my 101 Things. Things I can do now, while money is tight. My largest hurdle is I am NOT a morning person. Never have been! And I work so late, it can be really disrupting to my marriage to work out after work. So, this morning, as I was scrubbing my face, it suddenly came to me: why couldn't I fit a weight workout in at lunch? I know I can't run at lunch, because I sweat so damn much. But weights, I don't get as sweaty. I bet with some proper tools and knowledge, I could fit these BFL or NROL4W workouts in easily! For fuck's sake, I deserve a lunch hour!

But first I need to consult Google, and of course my trusty fit readers. Any tips on cleaning up quickly after a workout? I am thinking maybe a pack of baby wipes, Wet Ones or the like, deodorant, and maybe hair powder? Or maybe I just sport a ponytail or bun on the days I plan to workout (only three days a week tops).

So lets hear it - what are your post lunchtime workout clean up tips?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pole Dancing

Yesterday I got to try Pole Dancing! This was something that I have been wanting to do for a long, long time, but never have. But then I recently started following OC Pole Fitness on Twitter, and Collette posted about a special deal on a first time class, so I jumped on the opportunity!


The room was gorgeous and clean:

I was hoping my friend Lindsey was going to join me, but she skipped out. :( Oh well, it was fine. I actually had a GREAT time! It is an INCREDIBLE workout. They gave us a demonstration at the beginning of class to show us what we could do if we continued coming to classes, and let me tell you - these women are incredible. They make it look easy! I can tell you from first hand knowledge, it is anything BUT easy, and I was doing the simple stuff. :S

We did some floor work (which was hard enough) and then did some simple stuff on the pole. I am not coordinated - it takes me forever to dissect every footstep and hand move, and of course, it feels odd to move your hips that way. And then we moved on to spins! The basics of a spin - reasonably easy. But of course, Miss Uncoordinated, I couldn't get my feet in the right spots. I'll have some shin bruising tomorrow. LOL You know what else I will have? Pain from my shoulders to my hips! My arms were burning. And then after spinning around a pole, we did what Collette calls "End Workout" - that pretty much finished off my arms and abs.

As much as I am complaining, I loved it. LOVED it. I hope H gets a job soon, because I want an unlimited plan. And a pole. :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Walnut, Artichoke, and Goat Cheese Strudel

I got this recipe from Shape Magazine, and was thrilled to try it. I thought I could talk my husband into a meatless dinner on Friday for Lent, but since neither of us is Catholic, that didn't work. He still bought steak. Bastard.

Walnut, Artichoke, and Goat Cheese Strudel
Shape, February 2010

1 cup walnuts
Cooking Spray
1 12 oz Jar marinated artichoke hearts, drained
8 sheets phyllo
4 oz crumbled goat cheese

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Spread walnuts on a baking sheet and toast for 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool slightly and chop. Raise oven temperature to 350 degrees F.

Put artichokes into a food processor and blend into a slightly chunky paste.

Place 1 sheet phyllo on a cutting board and coat with cooking spray. Layer another sheet over the first, and coat with cooking spray. Sprinkle 1/4 of the walnut mixture on phyllo leaving a small border. Layer two more sheets of phyllo over nuts, coating each with cooking spray. Spread half the artichokes, half the goat cheese, and 1/4 of the walnuts, leaving a small border.

TIP: While working with phyllo, keep it covered with a damp kitchen towel to keep it from drying out!

By the way, this is what it looks like when your husband tries to play with Phyllo:

Fold the short ends over the filling, and start with the long end closest to you, roll the phyllo into a log shaped strudel. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment (way easier than trying to grease a baking sheet and have it actually release! I want my strudel to be intact when I serve it), seam side down. Coat with cooking spray. With a sharp knife, use the tip to cut 5 slits along the top of the strudel to make 6 equal sections. Do not cut through the sides!

Bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown. Mine actually took only like 25 minutes. Cut each strudel into six slices using the slits as guides, and serve.

Okay, here is where I messed up. A smart person might have figured out that you are supposed to make TWO strudels with this amount of ingredients (or at least read all the way to the end of the recipe). However, I decided they left out steps and I made one huge strudel with four layers, that was actually rather hard to roll. Haha I'll get it right next time. I still have phyllo and will have to use it at some point before it molds! The next thing was not chopping the walnuts enough, and not spreading them thin enough. Same with the goat cheese and artichokes. I also should have coated the edges of the phyllo - might have helped it stick to itself better. One last thing - I would probably use an extra sheet or two of phyllo on the outside (before you add the walnuts to the first layer. The phyllo was VERY flaky and kind of hard to cut with losing the top!

Here's what Shape's looked like:


Here's what mine looked like:

Anyway, enjoy! I found it to be rather yummy, but H thought it was too sour between the goat cheese and the marinated artichokes. That means I get to eat it all :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

We Will Persevere

We saved our Weight Watchers meeting!!!!!! We basically ran the District Manager into the ground with our arguments and he decided to keep our meeting. Unfortunately, the afternoon meeting had to be cut, so my leader still lost a meeting, but I am happy happy happy that the meeting I love, led by the leader I love is still available to me. Yay!

Now, my biggest challenge is going to be staying on track during OC Restaurant Week. I already have brunch plans with the girls at Port, but I would also like to have lunch or dinner at Lulu's, Dinner at K'Ya, Lunch at Haven (hello Candied Bacon Ice Cream!!!!), and dinner at O'Neill's. Of course, my normally spendy husband is now saying that's too much money in our economic current situation. He's probably right. ::cry:: So I don't know which places we are visiting. I suppose we could K'Ya almost any time, their prices are not bad normally. O'Neill's has spotty reviews on Yelp. And I would almost be happy just sampling desserts at Haven. Every single dessert on their menu looks divine. Maybe some of my besties would be up for meeting there after work one night?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not meant to be

My hopes of LA Marathoning this year have been dashed. The steal of an entry is not going to be available, and having an unemployed husband at home doesn't afford me the $$$$ to purchase one at regular price. Oh well. C'est la vie. Now I guess I can go back to being lazy.

On an unrelated note, Dear Reader, are you getting bored with the daily posting? We are 75% there! Only 10 more days of posting to get through NaBloPoMo. And I haven't even posted about Ties yet. I guess I should start crafting something. I still love the fact that my Blogroll listing on the website is under the category "Psychotic Ranting / Anonymous Foaming." Love! Maybe I should add that into my description. As far as the rst of the month's posts go, I don't have much planned, but you can look forward to a post or two about the wonderful things I am going to cook utilizing a friend's extensive citrus bonanza in her backyard! I also want to post about a walnut and goat cheese strudel I saw in this month's Shape magazine - just for my Catholic readers looking for a Friday Lent recipe! My last post of the month is going to be about my brunch on opening day of OC Restaurant Week. Hopefully I can keep it interesting and fun!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another day of little to say

Except my boss is huge asshole douchebag that I wish would go away. But, instead I will post a cute video. Tip: Turn the music down unless you happen to like sappy music. I don't, especially when I'm in a mood like this. But to each their own! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Insert Cute Panini Title Here

Ahhhh. Lovely day off with the hubs. The original plan was to take the dogs to Laguna for breakfast at Madison Square and a walk on the beach, but my older dog was sick again. :(  Disappointed, we sat around for an hour or two, and then decided a glorious day off should include lunch and a movie. We had never been to the Panini Cafe, which not-so-recently had moved into the space formerly occupied by Pomodoro, but we had always discussed trying it out. Today seemed like the day!

When we arrived, we were greeted quickly at the host stand, and since it was such a lovely day, we opted to sit outside. H wanted to sit in the shade, and I wanted to sit in the sun, which wasn't an issue at all because they allowed us to pick our own table. We were quickly brought our iced teas - delish. Yummy peach flavored iced tea with no sweetener! I love fruity iced tea that isn't sweet, and H was able to sweeten his to his personal taste, so we were both happy.

I love my husband, because he is always game to share dishes, especially at new restaurants, which allows us to try more than one item! We went the "Highly Recommended" route with the #8 Chicken Panini - Grilled chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, fontina cheese and pesto on grilled filone bread with couscous, and I couldn't resist the Date Salad. I wanted to try something new and different, something you can't just get anywhere. The Date Salad is organic mixed greens, fresh berries, walnuts, dates, dried cranberries and Gorgonzola cheese in a pomegranate vinaigrette.

The sandwich was huge! I thought it was good, while my hubs thought the chicken was dry. I don't think it was the chicken, but rather that the bread was only lightly grilled and the cheese hadn't quite melted, which gave the whole sandwich a bit of dryness. Regardless, it had great flavor! Now that I know that the "panini's" aren't really panini's, my next sandwich from them will be on their multi-grain bread, which is served deli style rather than grilled. The couscous was lovely though - almost like a cold couscous salad, with raisins, parsley and mint. Refreshing, delicious and different.

The salad was also huge and very good. The sweetness of dried cranberries, dates, the vinaigrette and fresh strawberries and blackberries paired well with the savory saltiness of the Gorgonzola and bitterness of the walnuts. Since I'm such a carb whore, the fact that it was served with lightly grilled flatbread made the meal for me.

The service was attentive and friendly, and the food came out quickly. I also spied some awesome looking kabob plates. The prices are average, and the portions are generous. Oh, did I mention free wi-fi? That always makes this non-smart phone toting chick happy - iPod Touch's unite! We will definitely be back.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I am considering running the LA Marathon. Yes, it's in five weeks, and no, I have not been training. But I was just thinking to myself, that I needed more motivation in my life. I have been slacking - deciding not to run because it was cold, walking more than I should, and skipping my harder weekend long runs.

I should know in the next few days if I am going to do it, but I am going to plan on it anyway. I have to, because there isn't much time!

Here is my long run schedule:
Monday, February 15:  13 miles
Sunday, February 21:  15 miles
Sunday, February 27:  18 miles
Sunday, March 7:  20 miles
Sunday, March 14:  12 miles
Sunday March 21:  Race Day

It actually doesn't look that hard to me. Am I nuts? Probably. But I am excited at the prospect of racing again, and even more excited to run the new LA Marathon course!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


Seven years ago we met in a Local's Dive Bar, each of us out to celebrate being single. I had no idea he would end up being my boyfriend, much less my husband. He is a challenging man, but I love him anyway! Happy Valentine's Day baby, and happy met-iversary! ;o)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a Little Bit Funny

To get to know people through blogging. People I have never actually had a conversation with. I feel like I know them, and they know me. Especially since I have a mostly anonymous blog, I feel more free to open up and share. (And yes, I do know nothing is truly private on the Internets)

I find myself rooting for people that I have never met, and I probably will never meet. Interesting, huh? I'm not talking about my Internet Besties that I have online discussions with, but people who stumbled across my blog and commented, and so I started to follow theirs. Or vice versa.

What an interesting world we live in these days.

Friday, February 12, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better

As if my week wasn't crappy enough, I found out that they are probably canceling my Weight Watcher meeting. They apparently have too many meetings for the number of members. They have a shit ton of meetings in the morning or at lunchtime, and plenty in the late afternoon and early evening, but only one at 7:00 pm, which incidentally is the only time I can go. I don't want to change. I love my leader, I love the other people that go to the meeting, and the time works for me. I don't understand why they can't cancel another meeting. We let the district manager have an earful, but we will have to wait until next week to get the final decision.

I need some good news, pronto, tyvm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here we go again

I have given up. At least on that stupid job I was waiting on. They could still come back and offer it to me, but obviously hiring me is not on their list of priorities, so it's time I moved on mentally. If they do come back and make an offer, then I will be in a better state of mind to play hardball.

But it really sucks, mostly because I want to scratch my eyes out at the prospect of working in the seventh circle of hell another day, much less months and months. So, I am back in the saddle. I never should have gotten out of the saddle, but job hunting takes so much time. Especially in this shit economy. Oy vey.

So I had to make a list of pros to still being in this crap job:

1. A paycheck is better than no paycheck
2. Every day is another day closer to my boss hanging herself with her incompetence
3. Casual dress code, i.e. no need to take my clothes to the dry cleaner
4. The freedom to still make time for the internet on a daily basis
5. Benefits seem to be getting better (more days off, etc.)
6. Possible new things coming down the pipeline could make my job a little more interesting

I am really in a funk today and have lost a lot of motivation. Trying to stay positive.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Luckiest

Well, that's not me. Not yet at least.

I read my share of infertility blogs, and I am always thinking about how long some people try before either having a child or just giving up entirely. We are still young, in the grand scheme of things, because we are only going on two years. I know that is a long time for most people, it feels like a long time (especially when you're old like me!), but it's not that long. I am thanking the universe that we haven't tried that long and asking the gods for a little love, so hopefully we won't hit our third year.

I guess this is why I get so angry at people who jump to conclusions about their supposed "issues" getting pregnant. Their lack of patience irritates me. I am trying really hard to be patient, and for the most part I just keep telling myself that patience beats the alternative, at least for now. IF treatments are expensive and invasive. Hell, the testing alone is moderately expensive and invasive. Why does anyone want to go through any of this if there is a chance that they could skip that part and go straight to the pregnancy? Unless you have a potential medical issue, please wait the 12 months (or 6 months for old broads like me). And if you don't have good timing for some of those months, maybe wait a couple more cycles. At least think about it. Nobody really wants to be on the IF bandwagon, unless you are way into drama. If that's the case, I'm sure you haven't listened to a word. But if you truly want a family, it's not fun, I promise you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That light at the end of the tunnel? It's getting dimmer.

Just a couple days ago, I felt like I had more opportunity than I needed. I was actually anxious about which opportunity would get to me first and what I should do. How should I handle it?

Well, those days are over, and I am no closer to being settled. I thought I saw that light at the end of the tunnel. I feel the same way today as I felt about a year ago, when my last dream job decided on another candidate, after months and months of a dragging screening process. I have to say, I was very optimistic then, and now, and see where that positivity got me? Ok, ok, I have to believe that what is meant to be, will be. Things happen for a reason, right? If this doesn't work out, something better will come along, right?


I kinda feel like kicking positivity right in the fucking shins right now. But I'll wait until that tunnel totally closes up first. It's still open, so I guess there is still hope.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Feast

I'm supposed to be eating healthy still, but there are always those days where the bad food kicks in! We actually managed to be somewhat healthy, believe it or not!

We started the pre-game festivities with margaritas and pistachios

And then moved onto the veggie plate with two types of dip and guacamole. We made a shit ton of guac (5 avocados worth!) considering it was only two of us. The bowl in the picture is only a fraction compared to what we made!

The highlight of the day was certainly going to be the pollo asado and adobada tacos. We bought the meat from Stinky's (5 pounds of meat, tortillas and a macaroon for $16! Very MM) and my awesome H did the BBQing

Don't the tacos look awesome? And for any non-Mexicans out there - all you need for real street style tacos: Corn tortillas, meat, white onion and cilantro, Tapatio and maybe a little guacamole. That's it. No cheese, no taco sauce, no flour tortillas. These are perfect as is.

So perfect, I ate maybe three too many, and couldn't eat anything else the rest of the day. At least I didn't pig out on wings though, right?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The problem with blogging every day

Is that sometimes I have nothing to say. Or at least nothing I think anyone else would be interested in reading. Though that has never stopped me before! I slay myself.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Junior League and more e-ring drama

I decided to postpone my Junior League experience. It was too much money for us at the moment to join, and God knows I have a bit on my plate these days. They are doing their bus trip tour today.

On a similarly depressing note, I didn't have my engagement ring back for two days, and the other baguette fell out. WTF? I was already worried about wearing my ring, so now I'm beside myself. And of course I was on my hands and knees with a dustpan and broom and flashlight, looking for the chingadera. I did that for the better part of an hour,  until my husband started yelling at me that I looked like a crackhead.

So when H picked the ring up the other day, the girl that was working in the shop when  told him to tell me to "not hit it on anything or it could crack again." Excuse me? WTF? Like if I DID whack it on something, it would be on purpose? And if I whacked it hard enough to CRACK PLATINUM, it wouldn't break the diamond? She kept telling H that Platinum is softer than gold, as if that is the reason it cracked. Ummm, I'm no brain surgeon, but if platinum is softer, then wouldn't it bend? Off to Google: apparently, not if the metal itself has been overworked, which is why you anneal it - to keep the metal soft, because it becomes brittle if it has been shaped too much without annealing.

Apparently the jeweler has never heard of annealing. He looked at me like I had three heads and was purple with orange spots. That put me off a little, but regardless he says that the baguettes are his cross to bear and he will replace them as often as he needs to. He is also reworking the metal a little and soldering the rings together, hoping that offers some more stability to the entire ring so these things don't happen. I sure as fuck hope the center stone stays put. Oy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gray Hairs

I'm an old broad. Being an old broad, I have to deal with gray hair. I really try to not focus on how old I really am, but those damn grays are making it awfully difficult. They are short, wiry, and stick straight up, right out of my part. I think they make me look vaguely like a crazy person. I have used wax, pomade, straightening balm, and a flat iron and flat iron spray to try and tame those little fuckers into submission. By the way, Sleek.look by Matrix Smoothing System Iron Smoother Spray totally rocks. On everything BUT short little wiry gray hairs.

So, WTF? Do I have any other old broads reading my blog that have this same issue and have conquered it? I have resorted to pulling the more offensive ones right out, but I know I can't do that for long. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beatles Rock Band vs. The Jonas Brothers

Apparently Nick Jonas played a surprise show in Downtown Disney Tuesday night - he posted it on Facebook and everything. About the same time that Nick Jonas was no doubt showered with adoration from screaming girls, I was playing Beatles Rock Band with my husband.

I don't know how many of you have played or seen Beatles Rock Band, but there are a lot of screaming girls, just as there were way back when the Fab Four introduced their music to the masses.

And that got me thinking - are the Jonas Brothers the new Beatles? My first reaction is that there is no possible way they are as talented as the Beatles. No possible way. But, then again, I have never listened to anything Jonas. Could I be wrong? Could they be that talented?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 has potential

It really does. H and I are starting to figure things out, get on the same page. The budget is coming together, even with H's low unemployment pay (let's hope that H can get a job before UE runs out), and he also got the surgery to correct his varicocele issue, so hopefully his SA numbers will be in the normal range by summer! I don't have skin cancer, which is always a good thing (and I encourage everyone to get annual checks by a Dermatologist in addition to self checks - skin cancer is serious stuff). I have some potentially exciting professional opportunities and my company is opening more locations, hopefully by the end of the year, which offers even more potential opportunities. I am proud to be part of Team in Training and I am getting such a feeling of fulfillment by helping others achieve their goals.

Most importantly, I have wonderful and amazing friends and family to share the good times as well as commiserate about the bad. I have faith that 2010 will have less of the latter and more of the former!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Totally Together Journal

I found this website/blog randomly the other day: The Totally Together Journal. Man, I hate her. I know hate is a strong word, and this woman totally doesn't deserve it, but hell - does she make me feel bad about myself. Not only does this woman manage all kinds of shit - well - but apparently did it all while pregnant/giving birth/with a newborn. This blog post talks about how she has a three week old, and yet this one is the date that she had the ankle biter. I mean, she must have set all these automated blogs up just in case? I don't have a clue - I think it's going to be a challenge just to blog every day this month, and I even picked a short month!

But I am going to take my hatred, and try to put it to good use. Maybe I will be able to keep a house cleaning schedule. I would love to have people over someday! Just kidding, at least about the hate. If I wasn't so stinking jealous of her, I would probably want to be her friend. I would certainly want to buy her journal, if only the stupid publishers went ahead with printing.

Monday, February 1, 2010


That sounded dirty.

I am participating. It's one of my 101 things, and today seemed like as good a day as any to start. I found this email in my inbox this morning:

"The theme for February is TIES, so some of us will want to blog about all the things we feel tied to (family, people, jobs, cities, emotions, eras). Others may take me more literally and pull out their stunning collection of neckwear. Still others may find a meaning I've yet to parse, but hopefully it will have something to do with all those knots they learned to tie during their years on a tramp steamer."

I don't know how much I will talk about ties. Or maybe I will talk "ties" a lot. Who knows. But here we go!