Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eating for Embryos

I met with my primary care doctor today. I love my primary care doctor. She knows me, she understands me. She understands infertility. We had a huge talk today about my bloodwork, my weight, and my diet. While none of it should have had an effect, it is possible that it could have. Most of this was of course prompted by me. I've been reading The Fertility Diet and also read this post by my friend Sulfa, as well as doing some of my own research. She ordered some bloodwork to look at the general amount if inflammation in my body, and we both agreed that I would take the next month making some small changes, and then we would meet again in a month to evaluate:
  • Since my blood sugar has been borderline high for a while now, I'm getting a blood sugar monitor and I'm going to do some testing. Not going to go crazy, supposed to test once per day at most, but we want to see how my blood sugar levels change over the course of the day and in response to different foods or stresses.

  • I'm cutting dairy for a month. While full fat dairy can assist ovulation, dairy can also cause inflammation. Since my issue is not necessarily ovulation, but possibly an issue with implantation. This is going to be a temporary trial for the month and then we will go from there.
  • I'm going to avoid artificial sweeteners. Since research shows that the body can react to calorie free sweetener with insulin production as if I have eaten real sugar. It's also a chemical that my body doesn't need.
  • I am going to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine, aside from green and white tea.
  • I am going to avoid restaurant meals and packaged foods as much as possible, as well as refined flour, sugar and trans fats, all of which can have an adverse effect on your fertility.
  • In addition to all of that, I'm going to move towards more organic items. It's expensive and hard to always eat organic, but when I can make a substitution, I will. I will also shop farmers markets more often for produce and reduce meat consumption.

While this may not make an iota of difference in my pregnancy status, the worst that can happen is I get healthier, so what is the downside of that? Aside from the obvious lack of french fries and booze in my life!


  1. Good luck with your plan! You're going to rock it. The concept of diet and inflammation is interesting!

  2. Interesting. Good luck. This sounds really hard! (I am lazy.)


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