Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today I had my WTF apt with the RE. We infertiles call it that because it's an appt to talk about the failed cycle and possible changes if we were to cycle again. Good times.

So, we had a good meeting. I was especially proud that I only teared up once and for not very long. Basically, the drugs mandated by the study aren't inherently bad, because people get pregnant with them all the time. But my response was definitely lower than he would like. I had nine follicles at the beginning of my cycle and ideally, he would have attempted to mature and retrieve nine eggs.

If we were to do another IVF cycle with him, he would not put me on bcp, because he wouldn't want to suppress me at all. He would start me on lupron, then give me both follistim and menopur, 225 iu's of each. Then, as my follicles start to develop, he would put me on ganirelix. Hcg shot to trigger, ET as scheduled. Transfer as he sees fit, and then PIO and Estradiol through the two week wait.

I guess my little embyos were a grade two out of for, with one being the best. I thought they looked perfect, but I guess I didn't need to know they weren't. Positive thinking and all, right. His main goal is to get a lot more eggs so we have something to choose from, maybe we could have three grade ones, right? Never a bad thing, esp since FET's are only $2500, as compared to $14k for a fresh IVF cycle.

Now we are back to the drawing board. I am looking for a new job, hopefully with some coverage, and H is looking into his company's coverage, since the headquarters are in a mandated state.

And in the meantime, we will continue to eat healthy and take our vitamins, and pay for a miracle.


  1. At least the dr has a game plan and knows what he wants to do differently and still has hope that it will work for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you in the job search and the coverage!

  2. Been thinking of you. Glad the doc has some ideas on what to try. <3

  3. Sounds like he has outlined a good path forward... now let's just pray you find the $$ or coverage to see it come to light. ((hugs))

  4. I hope you are ok and that it works out for you, I found your site randomly but it stuck a note with me as my husband and I are just waiting to start the IVF journey, we are very nervous and I am driving him (and myself) crazy!

    Best wishes and Good luck with your quest from the UK.


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