Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Channeling My Inner Biggest Loser

As in, let's lose 15 pounds this next week, okay? Hahaha

So, as I said before, I need to drop some pounds before I start another cycle. However, my motivation has been lagging. So today I took two steps towards health and weight loss: I bought a 30 day pass to a personal training gym, and I resolved to schedule the rest of my pole dancing classes before they expire in four weeks!

I'm hoping the combo of these two things, as well as continuing WW for the next 6 weeks will get me back on track. I have one basic, attainable goal, and that is to weigh less at the start of this next IVF cycle than I did at the start of my first IVF cycle, which is about 6 pounds away. I guess if I could have a second goal, I would want to be at a normal BMI, but that might be pushing it since that would be 15 pounds in six weeks, or 2.5 pounds per week. :/ Of course if I found my inner Biggest Loser, I could lose that in a week or two! I wonder if Jillian makes any podcasts or cd's where she yells at you for a few hours at a time? LOL

So hopefully with some better planing, some ass kicking, and some extra motivation, I can do it! Or maybe I can get my doctor to write me a letter as to why Lindora is medically necessary so my HSA will cover it. Haha!

I'm also still checking my blood sugar and having some issues. Some days, it's well under 100. Other days I can have a fasting blood sugar at 120! WTH, right? I'm going to start counting my carbs, which is unfortunate and tedious. Oh, and eating some slower acting carbs at dinner, to see if that helps stabilize my blood sugar. And I should probably go back to my hypnosis app. Regardless, I think I might go back to my Primary Care Doc and get that metformin prescription. I have read that it helps with egg quality, because it helps stabilize your blood sugar. Part of me wishes that diet was doing it for me, and maybe diet would, but I just don't seem to have the patience... :/ Oh well, operation Kick Dip's Ass Into The Ground will commence next week!


  1. You've run a marathon- you can do anything! (I tell myself that all the time- sometimes it works!)

    Anyway, good luck with your getting healthy goals. I think it's wonderful.

    I hope we get to be cycle buddies in March/April!

  2. good luck! interesting about your blood sugar. maybe you're using glycogen stores in between meals, so that's spiking your blood sugar. dunno. one way to get rid of those is to exercise before breakfast and then be very careful not to eat too much at on sitting all day. blablablabla...

    anyway, i know you can do it. you have everything it takes to make it work. just give it all you got! i'm excited to see how things go.

  3. Good luck!! You can do it! The pole dancing sounds like a blast.


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