Friday, February 25, 2011

How many Needles does it take to get a BFP?

My life is completely focused around needles these days. I have been poked for blood tests, poked for injections, and now I am getting poked in acupuncture. I'm even poking myself to test my blood sugar. I have a friend who adds up the cost, I prefer to add the number of pricks I have endured. And I'm not talking about those guys I dated in my 20's.

My first IVF cycle brought approximately 29 needle sticks, 12 for blood draws, 16 injections, and a catheter for surgery. My arms looked like I had a recreational heroin habit. Since that one failed, I went back for more pokes - 2 more blood tests, and approximately 1 blood sugar test a day for 7 weeks... that is about 51. I am actually lowballing this number too, because I often come up short in the blood area, and have to re-prick myself. Sometimes as many as three times. That sucks ass. Stupid cold fingers.

Now I'm getting acupuncture at least once a week. Last session used 18 needles, and I have been to three so far = 54.

That's a grand total of 162 needles.

Now, let's look forward. I will have a minimum of 6 more acupuncture sessions for 108 more needles. I will continue to test my blood sugar through the end of my next IVF, so 56 or so more needle pricks. And I already have a good idea of my meds schedule. If I stim for the average 10 days, I'm looking at approximately 82 needle sticks. That's 246 more for a grand total of 408 penetrations of my skin. If I had $1 for every needle stick, I could buy a Kinect AND Rock Band Three! But the reality is, I have to pay for the pleasure, although, fortunately, not as much as most.

If IVF#2 is successful, I will still be looking at PIO shots, probably for the first trimester. If IVF#2 is not successful, I guess I'm looking at the next round of injections. I guess it shows how much I want this.

Speaking of getting poked, don't even get me started on the Dildo Cam....


  1. This cycle, just Femara & injectables, has lead me to a low, low number of needle sticks - only 10! And 3 dildo-cam appointments! Wooo! :-)

  2. Hi. Stumbled across your blog. Lots in common - acupuncture, infertility and weight watchers!

  3. Yikes. I can't even think of how many needles I've had. It's really fun when you get all the way through an IVF cycle, and are almost to the last few weeks of PIO needles, do discover that you now have to start back at square one. But it will all be worth it in the end. We sure want it!


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