Thursday, February 10, 2011

WW Weigh in, Week 7

Last week's weight: 184.4
This week's weight: 184.2
Difference: -0.2
Pounds to Goal #1: 6.2

So, I'm still on a little plateau. This week I totally know why - we painted the bedroom. What does that mean? 1. I ate like crap 2. I skipped my weekend runs 3. I slept like crap for three nights

We all know that lack of sleep really screws you up, right? Plus I didn't count anything over the weekend. And I KNOW I went over on Tuesday. This week WILL be different, I promise you! I am calling tomorrow to schedule my first group training class, and it will be for first thing MONDAY MORNING. I am going to shake this bod up like crazy, and next week there WILL be a loss. Oh yeah, and I'm going to make WW Zero Point veggie soup as well as stock up on green smoothie ingredients, which was my weight loss secret two years ago when I had an amazingly reliable weekly losses all the way to goal. Go me!

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