Friday, February 25, 2011

WW Weigh In, Week 9

Last week's weight: 183.6
This week's weight: 184.4
Difference: +0.8
Pounds to Goal #1: 6.4

I was pretty confident this week, thought I would have a decent loss. I tracked everything. I worked out. I didn't eat out once.  What am I doing wrong? I try not counting fruit, I try counting fruit, I eat every single one of my points, I don't eat some of my WPA/AP's. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, other than my body is apparently being a stubborn bitch. At this point, I'm not even sure I will get back to the weight I was during my first IVF. Lamesauce.

I was pretty discouraged last night. I feel like I am trying so hard and nothing is happening. I have done this before, I should be able to lose. I should already know how. Last night I was ready to either ditch points and start tracking calories or go back to the old point system. Of course, when I got home my incredibly stressed out husband had taken it upon himself to get Pizza. Which I then devoured. I've been so damn good, and the gain pushed me over the edge.

Today I woke up, not quite so discouraged. I am giving it one more week, and I will follow the program. You will be happy to know that I did track my splurge. I will not count fruit, I will accept that fruit is zero, but I will also work to add variety to my life instead of reaching for the same things as snacks (i.e. eating multiple oranges and apples a day), and probably limit my fruit intake to an average of three servings a day. If this doesn't work, then I will revisit.

My leader has suggested that I try the "Simply Filling" plan (i.e. the old Core plan) to see if that works better for me. My issue with that is I too many things not on the list. They are perfectly healthy things - like 60 calorie almond milk with calcium. Dairy is a Filling Food, but I don't eat dairy anymore (or at least I'm not supposed to). Therefore, for every item I eat outside of the Filling Food List, I have to use my Weekly Points or my Activity Points. It's somewhat frustrating to think of it that way, but I also don't feel 100% comfortable just making up my own food list.

Actually, come to think of it, I eat a number of points per day in just supplements and health related foods :/

Wheatgrass - 1 point
Fish Oil/EPO - 1 point
Ground Flaxseed - 1 point
Chia Seed - 2 points
Almond Milk - 2 points
Calcium Chew - 1 point
Before bed peanut butter - 1 point

That's approximately 8 points a day in non-Filling Food supplements! Would that mean I have to burn approximately 560 calories a day just to cancel that out? Oy. I'm sure I would lose weight if I were doing that! Maybe that's what I need to do? Ugh. Don't tell me to use my WPA's, because first, this would burn through my WPA's in less than the week (I only get 49!) and second, I like to use my WPA's to eat out, splurge a little, or when I'm just more hungry than normal.

Oh well, one more week, and we will see. I'm pretty sure my 178 goal is out of reach unless something changes very soon. Come hell or high water (or insurance cancellation, eeep), my last WW weigh in will be on March 24th. Say a little prayer that my RE doesn't kick my (larger) ass.

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  1. :-( Honestly I think you are doing everything right and stress is causing you to hold on to your weight. I used to think all of that was BS when you read it in the books or hear it on BL. Then when I took the bar I worked out 2-3 hours a day and had a completely controlled diet for 9-10 weeks. End result--A 2 lb window the entire time! Never up or down outside of that. Once the exam passed I had to slack on the working out and exercising when I went back to work yet then I finally got movement on the scale.

    The good news is that all of this is still great things for your body even if it doesn't show it on the scale.


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