Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Letters

I read somewhere, recently, that you could improve your general outlook on life simply by writing yourself a love letter once day for 14 days. I know this blog isn't getting much traction these days, and with my insurance approval still not finalized regardless of CD1's arrival, what else am I going to write about? So here is my first attempt at a positive love letter to myself.

Dear Me:

You are an amazing person, strong and resilient. I have no doubt that you can weather any storm. You are kind, and loving, and caring. You are talented too - if only you had enough time in the day to practice all the things that you love to do!

Here's the deal - life is never perfect. But at least it isn't boring, right? There is so much uncertainty in your life right now, but you can deal with whatever life throws your way. It's hard to be patient, but it will be worth it. The rest of your life will get started soon enough, and you have the rest of your life to enjoy the rest of your life.

Hang in there. Today is Monday, so tomorrow will be better!! xoxo

<3, You


  1. I have something to add to your next love letter.. You write the most amazing love letters!! :D :D (Seriously, if I were to write one, instead of a sweet smile, you'd be outright laughing. And not because I intended to be funny. :\ )
    I kinda like the idea of writing love letters to myself, though.. No one else would have to read it.. :D

  2. I love your love letter! What a wonderful idea. I hope you keep it up for 14 days- you deserve to give yourself even more love.

    Sending some from here too. xxx

  3. How funny, I was just reading a book my cousin gave me where it basically told me to do the same thing. I still have to sit down and write my letter but thanks for sharing yours.


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