Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear Me,

Today is going to be another short one, but I really wanted you to know how much I admire your empathy. I feel like this is a common theme this week, but I still think it's very important. Today you proved that you have more empathy than a group that supposedly dedicates themselves to empathy for animals. However, they have given up any and all empathy for their fellow humans and then pointed the finger at others. I hope they realize that when they point s finger, there are three other fingers pointed back at them. But enough about them, they already have taken too much of your energy, and they weren't worth any of it.

You are still amazing, more amazing than those hate mongers could ever hope to be. They should be jealous of you. And even though it will be hard, you will eventually have children and will have the opportunity to teach them to be independent thinkers with empathy for ALL living beings, regardless of species, race, culture, medical condition, religion, etc.

If only the world was run by you and your amazing friends, this planet and all the creatures on it would much better off.

Love, You

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