Friday, April 22, 2011


I am still so incredibly frustrated and angry. One week ago we got the notification that our insurance coverage was ending. I talked to my RE's insurance coordinator and she mentioned it might be worth paying for the cobra to get through a cycle. Okay, maybe. Only if we knew we would get a cycle approved and not have to pay $5K out of pocket for OON providers. Last night we got the COBRA info (Yes, $1037 a month, thank you very much) so today I email her to tell her since they hadn't responded yet, I couldn't afford to put my life on hold and pay a minimum of $2000 in premiums to find out that it wouldn't be covered. She writes me back that IVF was approved, but not ICSI or assisted hatching. Ummmm, weren't you supposed to call me right away to tell me that? Why do I feel like you have been sitting on that information for a few days??? FUCK. That would mean I had a chance to work on getting the OON approval prior to the end of this week.

Another reason I am frustrated: FFS how could they not approve ICSI or assisted hatching? My husband's numbers are not borderline, they suck. We fall within all the guidelines for ICSI and assisted hatching! I think he might have a total of 3Mil sperm per sample, and that's being generous, but my RE's office isn't interested in fighting for me, and the IVF Nurse Coordinator won't talk to me. ::headdesk::

On top of that, why don't any of these people listen to me? I'm so incredibly angry. I have tried to push everyone - both the insurance company and my RE's office. Everyone ignored me, drug their feet or pushed back. Nobody wanted to rush on anything. I wasn't even asking for a rush, I was just trying to get it to happen. My RE's office fucked me over the first month by not submitting the info when I asked them to. I was assured that it would get approved when my cycle started. Even when I asked her to submit the paperwork in advance. Then when I found out that she had to submit the paperwork before getting any OON answers, she drug her feet, waited over a week until after her vacation, and then it still took a few more days. I am so angry because if everyone did what they were supposed to do when I asked them to do it, we would have either started or would have been ready to start our cycle. Instead I see my last chance slipping through my fingers.

I think it's incredibly unfair to know that the only thing standing between me and having a family right now is money.

I hate everything right now.


  1. I know that there is nothing I can say to take away the pain and frustration.

    I just wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and I'm hoping that you are able to find a resolution.

    Wishing you much luck...

  2. After reading this, I am frustrated on your behalf.

    It's so hard when nobody cares about your predicament (or getting out of it) the way you do.


    On another note, I am reading you and sipping on limoncello. Not homemade. I think we could be good friends.

  3. I detest that it always seems to come down to the bottom factor of money. There are times that I believe that the medical professionals can be such heartless beings. Though I'm not sure I'd want to do the work that they do without getting paid either. Still it would behoove them to get off their duffs and send the paperwork off to be approved sooner than later. Paperwork will be the death of the human race.


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