Friday, April 29, 2011

IVF Update and a NIAW Miracle

Unless you follow me on Twitter, you may have missed the latest loop on the rollercoaster, and if it wasn't for Holly, I'm almost positive this cycle would have been canceled. Since I am still working out the insurance crap, it was a little scary to charge the full $6K of meds, especially since I knew I still had to hurdle the bloodwork. So I ordered my lupron kit and five days of follistim and menopur to get me through Monday night. The box arrived, my husband looked inside and immediately freaked out. He had no idea what he was looking at and couldn't tell me anything about what was inside except reading the pharmacy mumbo jumo on the boxes. When he started to get frustrated, I asked him to put the refrigerated stuff into the fridge and I would organize it when I got home.

Well, when I got home, there was no lupron. At this point it was well past clinic hours and even further past Mail Order Pharmacy shipping cutoff, so I was looking at Saturday before delivery. I spoke with a clinic nurse who I happened to have a cell number for, and she *thought* they might have some that I could borrow until my Saturday delivery but couldn't be sure. Even then, that would push stims back another day. I called every pharmacy in the area, and no luck. Fortunately, I posted on Twitter and miracle of miracles, Holly had some!!! I got in my car, and flew to her house. I got to meet adorable Sweetpea and meet Holly and her husband and friend (sister?). I was so relieved and so discombobulated, I barely remember everything. Hopefully soon I will have the opportunity to make a good second impression!

So thanks to Holly, I did my injections at about 10:00pm. She actually gave me enough lupron to get me through the three days I need it for. I am so thankful, and I definitely plan to pay it forward. And maybe knit Sweetpea a little hat or sweater to show my appreciation. I think this is my lucky lupron, and this is what will make this cycle the ONE!

I am so thankful for my Infertile Sisters, without you, I could never get through this, literally. xoxo

And note to self, just get all the drugs at once so you know you have everything. :/ In other news, I feel good. Have some aches but that could be the 10K I ran yesterday. Was able to drink tea to relax last night and sleep. Husband is a little less grumpy too, which is nice.


  1. It's so wonderful when these things work out!

  2. You know I'm sending out all the good vibes I can.

  3. So glad you got your meds! It's amazing what the interwebs can do sometimes.


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