Thursday, April 7, 2011

The latest from PETA

They claim they have removed the reference to Infertility Awareness Week, yet it's was still there last we checked and I had yet to receive a response to my original email. Therefore I did some research and found more email addresses for PETA. I also found phone numbers to web people in the marketing department. Enjoy!

Candace Kassman 407-456-2615
Amy Cook 404-309-2292
Joel Bartlett 757-630-6408
Lori Painter 703-201-7390
Christine Dore 269-420-9868
Ashley Palmer 330-933-0282
Frank Schippers 610-529-8857
Emily Nash 912-230-9586
Jessy Easton 818-287-1771
Nare Ovsepian 818-482-5527


  1. Great list!! So don't you think that if infertility effects 1 in 8 couples that surely there are at least a few men or women going through this at PETA? They can't all be fertile and "choose" not to have kids, right? Hellen Keller said it best, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

  2. I think someone estimated about 40 based on their employee count. I love your Helen Keller quote - it's PERFECT!

  3. These guys are going to be so sorry they messed with us infertiles... ;)

  4. THIS IS AWESOME. Thank you for the legwork!

  5. Nice!! I will be sending some e-mails tomorrow. Guess what? One of the news channels here covered the story. Granted, I wish they had said more about how offensive it was but I guess the news is supposed to try to stay a bit neutral.

  6. Making it my mission to call of these numbers all day.


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