Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathoning for Infertiles

Now that my life is my own again, and not revolving around an IVF cycle, I need to get my butt running again. I would love to sign up for Nike again, but that is an expensive race entry and an expensive weekend. I could fundraise with TNT again, but I'm not sure I am ready for that kind of commitment, especially with my life in so much turmoil right now. I guess I could talk to the Man first to see what he thinks. I was also really hoping to do a tri for my next big fundraising task. I'm so heartbroken that I'm not coaching. ::sniff:: Stupid H's work. Couldn't you have decided a month ago that you were going to lay him off?

I've been looking at some alternative races, such as the Camp Pendleton Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon or the Big Sur Trail Marathon, but man - when did races get so damn expensive? $150 for a race isn't even that far off the mark anymore. There are a few cheap local options, but I'm not so keen on running a full marathon when it's a short course with multiple laps. Sigh.

I also need to get back on the weight loss. My ass isn't getting any thinner, that's for sure. I am tempted to go back to Weight Watchers and just do the $12 once a month weigh in. I need to be saving money but I think I also need the camaraderie of meetings. Maybe I will just weigh in Friday mornings and count that weight for my progress.

So, if you know of any fun races that aren't too expensive, send me some suggestions! I would really appreciate it!


  1. If IVF 3 is a bust, I'm planning my next marathon too. Nothing makes me feel more alive and happy. I miss it.

    Here's the last marathon I did if you want to visit me in portland. ;)

    Great race!

  2. You can stay with us when you come to run Nike ;-)


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