Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Me,

You aren't 100% on board with the accepting things you cannot change part quite yet, but you are getting there. You are never going to convince PETA that what they did was wrong, frankly because they are terrorist bullies that have no concept of reality. I am proud of you for your continued move towards a vegan/cruelty-free diet despite hating PETA enough to scarf down a foie gras bacon cheeseburger. The saddest thing is that their radical beliefs takes vegetarianism/veganism/animal rights to a place very few people will even consider. If they wouldn't exude such insanity, perhaps they would get their message out to more people. They would probably save the lives of even more animals! But it's not like they really care about the animals, since their one and only goal is self-promotion. But you have risen above, even though you did spend some time researching emails today. :D

Another accomplishment you had today was going to the farmer's market! Local produce is always good! You got asparagus, swiss chard (2 bunches!), cauliflower, celery and a boatload of strawberries for $9! You amazing bargain hunter, you! You also started gathering your thoughts for NIAW - you're going to do a post a day from April 23 to April 30, which is awesome :) And tonight you are going to make an amazing vegetarian dinner, snuggle with the dogs, watch another documentary, and get some knitting done. The beautiful scarf you are doing for your mother is turning out amazing and will definitely be done in plenty of time for her birthday <3

Plus tomorrow is Friday! xoxo

<3, You

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