Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Follie Check, CD9, Day 7 of Stims

Still only 6, that's about all I'm going to hope for at this point.

R: 13, 11, 10, 9
L: 11, 9
Lining: 10.1

Part of me is a little bummed about only having six follies. I guess in some ways, it's validation for me not to try again. We weren't planning on it anyway, between $537 per month in COBRA and $2500-3000 per cycle for copays, ICSI, assisted hatching, etc., this was a one shot deal for us. We were hoping to have something to freeze, but my RE recommends transferring "more" than two. I got the impression he would practically transfer everything I had. Of course, if all six are awesome and survive until day 5, then maybe not, but seriously, what are the chances of that happening? So this is the last hurrah, and I am at peace with that. But still hoping for all six to make it. Grow follies, grow!

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  1. I too hope that all 6 grow for you so that you do have something to freeze. I'm keeping you in my thoughts every day.


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