Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IVF 2.0 Update, Day 13, Trigger tonight

So, apparently I know nothing. However, WTF body? How did my largest follie grow 5 in one stinking day???

Lining: 11.5
R: 24 (WTF!), 20, 18, 18
L: 13
Cyst: still around 30

So, pretty much sure I will trigger tonight. Which totally fucks my week. Worst possible day because there is a lot of crap happening at work that day and I know my boss is going to be uber pissed, along with other people who won't know anything about my situation. Not that anyone at work really knows anything, but I mean, surgery is surgery no matter what it's for, and I'm not going to go blabbing on to everyone about it.

Now I am thinking (almost hoping) for a three day transfer. At least then I can participate in another big work related event, one that I really wanted to attend. I really wanted a five day transfer to make sure we transferred the best possible embies, but when you realistically will have four at the most, and RE would recommend to transfer 3-4 ::choke:: we might as well get them in there at three days. No sense in letting them hang out in a petri dish, possibly waiting to die.

Now, you want to hear the weird part? RE might actually have me stim tonight as well. Possibly to try and catch those 18's up. That's why he gets paid the big bucks. Please universe, please make this work.


  1. I really have hope for you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. May you have a good transfer and good implant too.

  2. I have hope for you!

    Im keeping you in my thoughts!!!!!!

  3. in my experience how they measure from day to day makes a difference and can attribute to the drastic change in size. May have a different angle they are measuring from - different view.

    mr. 24 is your rockstar!

  4. Good luck girl! I miss you... I haven't seen you in forever. I haven't even been able to stalk you at event planning get-togethers. LOL!

    Seriously... I will be thinking about you!


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