Sunday, May 8, 2011

IVF update, Day 11 of stims

Happy Mothers Day. What a lovely day to be infertile. Please detect the sarcasm. Today I celebrate with a dildocam date, a blood draw and three injections later tonight.

Fortunately, the cyst on my left ovary hasn't grown since yesterday and my RE isn't concerned. There is some hope (pesky hope) that there might be another follie behind it, we will see.

R: 17, 15, 13, 12

At this rate, I seriously wonder when ER will be. Originally, I expected to stim the same amount of time as my last IVF, which would have meant a Monday retrieval. Not so much this time! I wouldn't be surprised if we did it Friday, which puts a big old crimp in my schedule. But, as my infertile sisters already know, you can't make concrete plans if you can't get knocked up on your own.

So happy mothers day, you sexy mother fuckers! If you can have a mimosa, please have one for me!

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  1. mmm...I'd sure love to be able to have a drink about now. Something to kill the cyst pain. Ugh, sweetie I wonder at times why we torture ourselves. But then I stop and remember its because we want what the other females can have so easily and take for granted. I tired of being on the infertility trip and its not like there is a way off this wagon.


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