Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WTF Update

Here I go again....

Our WTF today was less formal. What could we really say? Obviously everyone involved was disappointed with the turnout of IVF 2.0

Of course I stated crying the minute we started. I'm a mess. I've been a mess for the last week, especially after finding out that the insurance would be fighting me on covering Follistim. Guess I should have spent even more time researching IVF and drugs. Who knew?

So we talked about what went wrong, but we don't really have any answers. We discussed how I was born with all the eggs I have, and my body can't make more, nor can we call up more follies than I start a cycle with. And then he laid it on me, starting with the statement that if he didn't mention this option, he wouldn't be doing his job. He suggested considering donor eggs.

Just because I was expecting it doesn't make it less of a blow.

We talked about options for meds. He truly believes that the ovaries can only handle 450 IU's of stims a day, so increasing my dosage won't work. He originally thought we should increase the Menopur since its FSH and LH, but at the same time, I had a better stimulation on 300 Follistim so maybe we do that and then add 150 of Menopur. I am going to let him decide, put my faith in him.

We also talked about the insurance not covering ICSI, the issues with COBRA, and finances, and how that is truly making our decision more difficult. And what happened next, dear reader, is why I love my RE. He decided to waive ICSI for us, to make it a little easier for us. I found out from the insurance coordinator, and if he was there with me, I would have given him the biggest hug.

So, here we go. One more cycle off, and then we're giving it one last shot. I can't do donor egg, financially. If we have to go donor egg, we would actually adopt. So my job from here on out is to relax and try not to stress, and to try to be positive. Any suggestions would be great.


  1. I am so sorry you are going through so much. I didn't know what ICSI was, so I had to google. I'm so hopeful the final cycle is THE cycle.

  2. I'm so sorry. I know we all say that to each other all the time and it sort of ends up sort of.. hollow, but really. I'm sorry the last cycle didn't work and that you are having to go through this again.

    Have you looked at the Melatonin study that came out last year?

  3. Well that just bites. When they found my cysts back in March they told me to consider donor eggs or a donor embryo. Much as I love the idea it just doesn't seem to fit with us right now. Good luck. I'm going to keep reading your blog and hoping for the best for you.

  4. Holy Jesus, woman. I want you to be a mom. I love your RE for what he's doing for you. Every positive thought I have is going out to the universe on your behalf. And FWIW, if I had any good eggs left, I would donate one to you for free.

  5. I second Peeper. I wish I had enough good eggs to share.

    That's wonderful news your RE is going to cover the ICSI though.

    I agree that all you can do is relax, not stress, and try and be positive.

    As I said in an earlier comment- for me this whole journey has been about no regrets. Looking back, we will have known we gave this everything we could. No matter what the outcome, no matter if our eggs don't always seem to be in on our game plan. that's all we can do.

    I'm proud of you. Sending so much love, hugs and support. xxx

  6. Sending love and support. What a lot to deal with all at once. It is horrible how dependent we are on finances. My medical aid is already used up now (May) between homeopathy, acupuncture and the dentist and I haven't even been to to fertility doc yet. But I have faith. Hey you have an awesome doc. All the best to you. And thanks for the comment on my blog.

  7. I have plenty of good eggs to share. And I would gladly hand them over in a heartbeat if you asked.

    I'm sorry you are going through this. I'm wishing with everything I have that this next cycle will be your lucky one.

    I love you, girl. Huge ((hugs)).


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