Saturday, June 25, 2011

Follie Check, day 5 of stims

After my crap week (Hey, guess what! Your FSH is sky high and this IVF probably won't work! Oh, and by the way, if you don't meet an impossible goal, you're losing your job! Good luck staying relaxed!) I was somewhat resigned about this folie check. Obviously, this follie check doesn't really tell us all that much, other than there is activity.

But the results are good regardless! Lining is 6.5, 4-5 on the right, 3-4 on the left, largest measuring about 9mm. I'll be back on Monday.

For some reason, I am more hopeful this time around. Maybe it's knowing that my Lupron might actually work this time! Also, I'm confident that increasing the gonal-f might improve my response/quality. I guess that part will be revealed soon enough!

Footnote: E2 is 70


  1. Yah!! That is awesome!! Wheat grass every morning and stay away from the cheese Girlie! Plenty of time for that later!

  2. oooooh... good response so far this time around! I told ya, "chills" this time. That's gotta be a sign of some sort, right?


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