Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beta #3

After poking me several times (I was a little dehydrated and my veins are now lodging protests) we finally got some blood for beta 3. I was more relaxed about this one, but when my RE's normal callback time came and went, I started to get more anxious. Finally at about 12:30 my nurse called. I guess I'm far enough along that he is delegating to my nurse. Fine with me!

HCG: 1126 (doubling time of 40 hours)
Progesterone: 42.8

Baby is still growing!

I am thrilled beyond thrilled. This whole experience is still so surreal! First ultrasound is scheduled for Friday. I'm excited to see how many are in there!


  1. EEEEK! So happy for you still! I don't wanna wait until Friday!

  2. I'm so so happy for you and will be waiting anxiously to hear your u/s results!

  3. I can't wait to read the news on Friday!

  4. Holy shit. I love it that this is happening for you.



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