Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Blog Design and 101/1001 Update

I felt that with our new status, my grey, desolate blog personality just didn't fit. I thought it needed and happier, more hopeful update. I hope you like it.

That brings me to my 101 Things update. Well, this happy news combined with my procrastination means I will not be completing my 101 Things. Things like trying a crossfit class *might* be able to be completed when I am cleared for exercise after birth, but competing in a figure competition... HA! Actually, the more I look at the list, the less I see that can be completed. But guess what - I am doing the one thing that is most important to me. If I don't complete some of these things, then I have less to come up with for my next 101 list.

But here are the things I may have a shot at completing:

12. Have a family photo taken with the dogs
13. Visit my Grandmother's grave site
14. Become a mommy
18. Write a letter to my grandmother
20. Write a letter to my uncle
21. Host a dinner party
22. Host a wine tasting
25. Get a couple's massage with H
26. Go on a picnic with H
27. Compile a family recipe book
28. Visit my Grandfather's grave site
30. Volunteer
32. Pay for the next person's order
33. Donate $5 to charity for every goal I don't attain on this list
35. Attend a demonstration
36. Work on a political campaign
37. Work in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving
39. Start composting
40. Grow an herb garden
41. Grow a veggie garden
43. Send and receive a postcard through
45. Send a care package to a soldier through
48. See the Grand Canyon
51. Rent a motorhome and drive through several states
56. Go Camping
58. Visit Legoland
60. Go to the Santa Ana Zoo
61. Have a beach bonfire
62. Visit Hearst Castle
63. Eat at a place featured in "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"
64. Take H to Catalina
65. See the Winchester Mystery House
68. Visit 10 new cities not already listed
70. Go deep sea fishing
71. Take a trip on a train
72. Get a new job
73. Start a business
74. Write a short story
75. Learn the fundamentals of Photography
76. Work a gig as a photography assistant
77. Print and frame one of my own photos
78. Get a photograph into an art show
79. Upload a photo to
80. Do a Project 365
82. Participate in NaNoWriMo
83. Learn another language
84. Try my hand at stand up comedy
85. Enter a recipe contest
85. Perfect my handmade pasta recipe
87. Read 30 unread books from the BBC Top 100 books list (0/30)
88. Be able to define all 100 words every high school graduate should know
89. Read 10 unread books from the Banned Books List (0/10)
90. Enter something into a Local Fair
92. See every movie on AFI's 100 years...100 movies list (42/100)
93. See a play
100. Sing a song with a jazz or swing band

I better get my ass in gear!


  1. I didn't know about your 101 Things project, pretty cool idea! Too right that you should modify the list now, I'm cheering you on most for #14 :-)

    Like your new blog colours, very calm and serene!
    Moonie xx

  2. I've done a few things off your list. Never made one of my own but after seeing your list I wrote down a few I'd like to try out. I love to read so the reading portion of your list should be a snap for me.

    One of these days I will write a list too...alas, its not to be today.

    I'm so happy for you and you give me encouragement to keep trying.


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