Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nursery Planning

Yes, it's early. But it's something my husband is excited to do, so we are doing it. It all started with a crib. The week we found out I was pregnant, my husband saw a beautiful convertible crib at Costco. It was almost $400 so I was skeptical that it was something we really needed to spend that much cash on. But then I went to see it myself and it turned out to be a convertible crib that goes all the way to a full size bed, with all the conversion kits and the mattress!

So then we decided to wait to see how many babies we had - because more than one of these big ass cribs wouldn't necessarily fit in the nursery. So when we found out we were only having one, we thought we should get it. But of course we took our time, and thank goodness too - because last weekend the manager marked it down to $299 to make room for holiday merchandise! We had to get it.

So then we started looking at paint. We both like blue so think we want to paint the walls blue regardless of the baby's sex.

H isn't sold on it, but I am really into an aqua/red color combo that was so cool a few years ago in weddings. I still love it and think it looks fresh and modern and takes the blue to a more gender neutral place.

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