Monday, September 12, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Good News: My husband's SA numbers are much improved!

Bad News: My eggs are now crap because he waited so long to make the lifestyle changes.

Good News: We are starting a new cycle as soon as my period starts! And we have a few tweaks to the protocol to try and improve my eggs.

Bad News: My RE is not hopeful that we are going to get anything.

Good News: My insurance amazingly covers donor egg IVF's!

Bad News: That coverage doesn't include the agency fee and the donor payment, and with our financial situation that $15K might as well be $1 Million.



  1. I hate that you had to have any of the bad news you listed. It's freaking unfair.

  2. Well that just sucks! I know what its like to have that chance so close then have it snatched away by financial issues.

  3. That's awful. You are managing to sound far more balanced than I would be in those shoes. Here's hoping life gives you a break and your RE is wrong.

  4. That is awesome your insurance covers DE! Still, sorry you're having to consider it @ all with everything you've already been through.

  5. You are amazing to still find good news at all. Wish I could take away all the bad news.


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