Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Stress!!!

Wow, the stress is crazy.

I am excited for this move, but the reality of how unsettled my life will be for a the next few months is freaking me out a little, even though it will be totally worth it. I am currently packing and purging. I donated over half the clothes that I own! There was so much that I was just holding on to "just in case" and now that I am moving to a completely different climate and social atmosphere, I don't think I'm going to be needing those formal dresses any more. I also got rid of some vintage clothes that my ass is never getting into again. These garments were tight when I was 16!!! And I've been holding on to them since then. Nuts, right?

But I am also trying to fight my husband on getting rid of things that we will still need to replace. I get it, it sucks to move all this stuff, but if it's something that we still like, and to replace it would cost more than a few bucks, then we should keep it, right? I guess once I'm gone, he can do what he likes, but please God, please let him remember that I said this.

I am also bummed that I bought IVF drugs this month. I panicked when I got laid off and wanted to use up the rest of my Healthcare FSA - all $48 worth. Well, that's going to cost me the $540 in Cobra I might have avoided. I wish I could sell the drugs, or thought I would have any use for them. I am tempted to hold on to them, but that would mean moving them, and we have enough crap to move already. Of course, after people freaked out about how illegal it was to sell them, I did some research. It's also highly illegal to give them to another person, but the infertility community does that all the time. I guess the thought of making money bothers people, but it's not like I would profit from the transaction! I'm just trying to make our money go as far as possible, since at this moment, neither person in my household is working, and I'm moving $350 miles away to get a job. Moving costs $$$!! Oh well, chalk it up to experience. If I don't keep them (and why would I?) I'll be donating to my RE's office. Maybe they'll take pity on me and waive a random charge somewhere.

Tangent: The insurance and payments are still being worked out, but FFS, I sure as hell hope I get a small refund from our cycles. I would hate to owe more. O.o

I am also sad about being apart from my husband and dogs. I know it's only going to be for a short time (as long as he doesn't get an amazing offer from a company in our current area) he has decided to come up as soon as he gets the house packed and rented, so by November 1st he should be there. He has a big job, but I will also have a big job figuring out my relo housing situation and if we will need to move to accommodate my dogs and husband. I also don't want to be looking for a place in the height of the winter, so sooner is better than later, that's for sure!

Okay, I spent too much time on this and now it's a novel. Okay, maybe a short story. But I need to continue to pack and purge. Aaaaahhhhhhh!! I can't believe what I've accumulated in 7 years!


  1. Did you know that when we moved to SF from FL that we sold everything we owned. We shipped ourselves a palette with some keepsakes on it but otherwise? Everything was sold or donated. That was an amazing feeling to be so free, so weightless.

    I am so excited for you!! Can't wait to come visit!!


  2. I love purging. GL with the packing.

  3. Packing and moving are real tedious jobs. And then you have to give away most of the things that you love. I had to do it two years back when we shifted, but I still miss few of the stuff. Good luck with packing.


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