Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Week Down in Operation Ass Reduction

One week in. I've lost four pounds, but that was eating alone. Other than the normal walking I do to and from the bus and around work, I didn't do anything extra. I have no excuses - working seven days a week and generally being exhausted isn't really an excuse. I also have the non-excuse of not knowing which gym I want to join. I can't decide, so maybe that's an indication of me not really wanting to join any of them.

So, I decided to do this:'s 30 day challenge. Today I did the fit test. And thought I might have a heart attack, but I didn't. I'll share my measly scores (which may not even count because I wasn't really doing real burpees or tuck jumps :/):

Squat Jumps: 21
Pushups: 20
Burpees: 7
High Knees: 41
Switch Lunges: 10
Tuck Jumps: 5
Straight Abs: 32

Let's hope that after these 30 days, I will 1) Still be alive and 2) Can do better on these tests.


  1. Nice one! That's a decent starting point for you, and I have no doubt that after 30 days you'll be amazed at your improvement. How do you plan to keep yourself motivated throughout the 30 days? I'm very impressed with your push-ups! I can't even do more than full 7 push-ups without collapsing down onto my knees. Hehehe.

  2. Oh, I'm a fibber - Those pushups were on my knees! :/ I'm not sure how I'm going to stay motivated, other than knowing I can do the workouts at home in just a few minutes. Pretty soon, I'm going to have to actually do a workout longer than 12 minutes, and that might mean a gym membership...


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