Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weight Loss - Not an exact science

This week I appeared to have gained 1/2 a pound. WTH. Even though it's a convenient excuse, I wonder if I'm not eating enough calories. The first week I was doing this, I didn't exercise, and was 267 calories under my goal (as calculated by Lose it! to lose 2 pounds a week), and I lost four pounds. Granted, some of that was water weight. The next week, I added in exercise - Bodyrock and some running - and I was under my goal by 358 calories and lost 2 pounds. This week, I've exercised more than last week, I'm under my calorie goal by over 1000 calories. That's probably too much. I have made sure I eat at least my pre-exercise calorie goal every day, but maybe I'm not fueling my body enough.

To be super anal retentive, we can look at my average macros of Fat/Carbs/Protein (Wheeee!):

Week 1 - 21/59/21
Week 2 - 27/50/22
Week 3 - 29/47/24

So, should I be going lower fat, higher carbs?

This is what drives me nuts about weight loss. The good news (and maybe the only news I should care about) is that I have lost an inch from my waist! I know I shouldn't be so hung up on the scale, but it's the first and easiest form of feedback.

What else do I need to report on? I have done 10 workouts, so I deserve a massage! I also already ordered Bridesmaids for reaching 185. Well, I hope to be back under 185 by the time it arrives, so it's not really cheating. I still haven't reached all of my weekly goals, so no trip to Rite Aid for me. I did stretch once this week though, so I'm getting better. Continuously getting better, and I guess that's really the only goal.

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  1. I think you are doing just fine. I have a tendency to rebound a bit from time to time too. It will come back off.


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