Thursday, April 12, 2012


My still slovenly, slowly spreading ass checking in. I've run a few times, but still don't have that drive, that goal. I was saving my pennies so that I could enter the lottery for Nike in October... and then I saw that the full marathon was $175. $175?????? Total sticker shock. It's only $25 more than I was expecting, but that $25 seems to make all the difference. I hear that a lot of races are that much... but I still find it completely unreasonable. But I guess it will still sell out, and there will still be people not able to do it because they weren't selected for the lottery. But here's the thing - I have done it twice, and while I would love to do it again, do I really need another Tiffany necklace? Wouldn't that money be better spent on races I want to do but haven't had the chance yet?

So here is the current list:

LA Marathon
Napa Valley Marathon
Big Sur International Marathon
San Luis Obispo Marathon
San Francisco Full
ET Full Moon Marathon
Half Moon Bay Marathon
Lake Tahoe Marathon
Humboldt Redwoods Marathon
Cloverdale Marathon
Paso Robles Harvest Marathon
Portland Marathon
Catalina Island Eco Marathon
Santa Barbara Marathon
California International Marathon

Of course, I won't be able to run all of these in a year. It would probably take me more than two years. But at least I have written them down. Put them in a list, so I can't get sidetracked as easily. I hate it when I realize that a race I want to do is sold out, or I don't have enough time to sufficiently train for it. It's good to have goals written down, to keep you on track, you know?

Oh, there is one more goal, a goal I have been thinking about every since I was drooling over the Fourtitude medal (how sad am I that that medal is no longer offered?): I want to be a Marathon Maniac. I am only going for Bronze - no need to get crazy! So that's three fulls in 90 days, or two fulls in 16 days. I am considering going for that in the fall.

And I also may want to see what kind of Heavy Medals the Rock n Roll series has in store for 2013 before it's too late to line those races up!

P.S. I might have too many friends that want me to run Nike with them, in which case I might have to suck it up. We'll see.


  1. I've heard such great things about Nike but the SF full is supposed to be nearly the same course with all the same supportive cheering people.

    BTW, I ran the LA marathon. I would let that one sink to the very bottom of my list. What a gross course :(

  2. Why do they charge so much for the marathons? I've never run a race so I have no clue on fees.

  3. I am pretty sure I will be doing Napa in 13. It would be great to have some post marathon wine with you :)

  4. Napa and Big Sur are on my someday list for Marathons.


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