Saturday, May 5, 2012

101 Things Update - WWYD?

I'm currently reading (okay, listening to) "Eat, Pray, Love." Never mind that I am only reading free Kindle books on my phone and listening to books on my runs. There is a reasonable explanation for that - I haven't gotten a library card in my new town, but because I have one in my old town, I can download books from there quite easily!

Back to the topic. While I know some people felt her book was preachy and didn't enjoy it, I am actually finding it to be very insightful with lessons that I can take to heart. Maybe it sounds better in the author's voice, which is the benefit of an audio book. Who knows, but I find these lessons to be important for healing my heart. The lessons presented in her book are lovely, and it has nothing to do with religion. One of the lessons I think is extremely valuable is forgiving yourself.

Which brings me now to the real topic: my 101 things list. I am 23 days away from the deadline and only about 1/3 through the list. The biggest thing that kept me from finishing my list was the personal recession in my household.  My husband hasn't spent much of these last three years working. I was laid off and spent money to move to a new town for a new job. We put money we didn't have into IVF, maybe against our better judgement. Maybe my list was too ambitious. I ran out of time.

So now I need to make a decision. I forgive myself for not finishing the list. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I feel like I accomplished so many other things that weren't on this list, like learning to knit, surviving so much turmoil in my life, seeing and enjoying beautiful things, putting myself first, and more. These things weren't on my list, but I think they were just as important to my growth.

So now, I have to make a choice. I could absolve all of this by donating $350 to charity, but I don't have $350 laying around. I could also give myself a one-year grace period. I still won't get all the way through the list, but maybe in a year I will be in a better financial position to pay the charity cop out. ;)  I could make another list of 101 things I want to do, since as my life has evolved, so have my goals. Maybe I do an IOU for the $350, or maybe I up the ante and do double or nothing - $10 per goal I don't accomplish! Or maybe I make shorter term goals - what do I want to do this summer? What do I want to accomplish by the end of next winter?

What would you do?

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  1. I vote for a one year extension if they are still things you'd like to achieve. I think you've had a hell of a year so you deserve it!


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