Friday, May 25, 2012

Renal Failure

No, not me, but instead my older furbaby.

Initially, I was actually happy about it. We have been through a lot with her over the last few months - chronic infections, vet drama and practically a complete breakdown in house training... it was nice to have an answer from a vet who actually sounded like they knew what they were talking about. Let me back up.

In January, she got a UTI. I had the choice of going to the non-recommended vet in town, or driving 40 miles to the vet that is recommended. I chose the one in town. $1000, six weeks and two courses of antibiotics later, the vet tells me I need to spend a ridiculous amount of antibiotics for 60 days of treatment and in the same breath tells me that the infection has damaged her kidneys. He also tells me that she has a mass in her bladder and instead of letting me give the cheaper Piroxicam that has been shown to reduce bladder tumors, he wants me to get the anti-inflammatory that costs four times as much. I asked if I could order the drugs online to save approximately $300, and the vet flipped out on me, refused to call me back, and stalled on the prescription approval. I consulted with the vet 40 miles away and they said that she didn't need to be on the antibiotics for 60 days, so I kept the extra pills for the just in case.

Since then, she's had a couple of accidents, and when she does, I put her on the antibiotics for two more weeks. This time, she had an accident the day after I finished the course. Either the infection is resistant (crap) or it's not an infection. So I truck her down the road to see the better vet, especially since the one in town won't even see us anymore.

What a different experience. She noticed immediately that my pup's urine wasn't concentrated, a sure sign of renal failure. She is doing a culture to make sure there is no infection, and can prescribe Proin, a muscle tightener that will help with incontinence and keeping her bladder safer from infection. We also got a renal prescription food, that my pup SCARFS down. It initially felt like we finally had answers, which was comforting. I am still angry at the other vet for his incompetence, and I wonder if the strong antibiotic that he wanted me to give her for two whole months damaged her kidneys more. Thank goodness I didn't give those antibiotics for the full two months. Hopefully we caught this in time.

But the reality is this is the beginning of the end. She's 16 years old. Every year for years I have wondered how much longer she can live. She's been blind half her life, she's been deaf for a few years, and her back and hips have seen better days. I did some research online and it only made me cry. I am still waiting for answers and test results, but I just hope that this will help to arrest the progression of her disease. And I hope that I will recognize the right time when it comes.


  1. Oh sweetie this is terrible to go through. I hope she lives out the rest of her life in comfort. I know that that at 16 she's had a pretty long life. Sorry that this is happening.

  2. Poor puppa. Hope he's feeling comfortable soon.

  3. Oh, our furbabies... <3 I'm so, so sorry the first vet was such a dick. I'm glad your sweetie was finally treated by someone competent and caring and I hope everything turns out as okay as possible. xoxo

  4. I'm so sorry :( I hope she is feeling a little better.


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