Monday, June 25, 2012

Adept at Pork!

I have really never been able to cook pork unless I took 12 hours to slow cook it. Put it in a crockpot or a smoker, it was fine, but every other way I tried, it was always tough, chewy and stringy. I have tried both pork chops and pork loins, baked, pan seared, and grilled., and it never came our right.

I'm a BzzAgent, so I was challenged by Bzz and The National Pork Board to try it again. They sent me recipes and tips and also pointed out how healthy pork is, so I decided to try once more to make a decent dinner out of a pork chop. I sent my husband to the store to pick out the pork, mostly because I don't have the confidence to do it myself. I knew he would do a MUCH better job! He ended coming home with a loin chop, and I only know this because of the "Know Your Chops" section of "All About Chops" booklet that came with my packet. He suggested we brine the pork to keep it juicy, and since I have had success doing it with turkeys, I thought that was a good idea. I made a brine of 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup sugar, 2 cups water, peppercorns and bay leaves, and let it brine a few hours. I then removed it from the brine (don't want it to be overly salty!), patted it dry with a paper towel, and rubbed it with the Basil Garlic rub from the Pork: Be Inspired website, and then let it sit, covered, in the fridge until the next night.

It only took about 10 minutes on the grill (5 mins each side), and they were DELICIOUS! I was shocked! They weren't fall apart tender, but they weren't totally chewy bricks either like I normally end up with. I served it with spaghetti squash that has been sauteed in butter and garlic, as well as a healthy green salad. My husband was super stoked, which was awesome because he had worked until 9pm that night, and I was completely in charge of making dinner. In fact, I think this was the best dinner I had made in a long time! And I have Bzz and the National Pork Board to thank. I will definitely be making more pork in the future!


  1. I like to pan sear then pan boil the regular chops making a gravy out the juices and herbs as it boils down. Ever so tender and juicy.

  2. this looks delicious! i usually sear pork chops with some soy sauce, sugar, onions, and lemon juice. but i think your recipe may taste even better!


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