Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I hate T-Mobile, Let Me Count The Ways

I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 10 years now. I was fairly happy until I moved. Now my signal is non-existant about twice a month on average, and I find myself having to call regularly. I used to get people who actually listened, cared and took care of the issues. Now, I contact their "award winning customer specialists" and experience the following. I hope you enjoy it. I think it's actually pretty funny, except it happened to me, and after 24 hours, I still don't have a signal. The best part is, there is no escalation possible, other than sending snail mail to a customer relations address given on the web. There is no other number to call, other than an outsourced call center in another country, that is not connected to T-Mobile much more than I am. One more note: While this is only one chat conversation that I emailed to myself, I actually chatted with two other people and spoke to five other people. In one day. And still no resolution. Good times!

You have been connected to !Dee C.

Dipitie : No coverage in my small town. All my phone lines are affected. This is the second time I have tried to chat with someone, as the last session got kicked off. I'm frustrated and of course would call you, but I have no phone

 !Dee C: Hi Dipitie! Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat. My name is !Dee.C and my Rep Id is 145-1990. I'll be happy to assist you today.

 !Dee C: I will be checking on the notes that was saved on your account regarding the conversations regarding the issue.

 Dipitie : Not much, but the signal goes down very regularly. I often don't even notice because I don't even need this phone any longer, but of course was stuck in a contract.

 Dipitie : I stopped calling after months of issues because nothing was ever done, other than credit me.

 !Dee C: I understand. May I ask how many bars of signal on the phone?

Dipitie : No bars. No signal. big X.

!Dee C: I understand. Are you using the T-Mobile G2?

Dipitie : yes

!Dee C: Thank you.

!Dee C: May I ask does the issue happen at a particular location, at several locations, or everywhere?

 Dipitie : everywhere. from what I understand, there is only one tower in my town.

 !Dee C: I understand.

!Dee C: Are there other T-Mobile customers in the same area having the same issue?

 Dipitie : But I have a full signal on my ATT iphone. VERY frustrating.

Dipitie : What other tmobile customers?

Dipitie : You don't even have a store within 50 miles of here. It's actually more like 150 miles I think

 Dipitie : Right now I really want to know my options for maintaining my number but not using your service.

 Dipitie : I defintiely want to take the internet off because it's of no use to me

 Dipitie : probably the text messages too

!Dee C: I understand. We will be going to troubleshoot the phone for us to check if you we can be able to resolve teh issue.

 Dipitie : I've already done all of that, this is not my first rodeo. Don't you see all the times I have called before? YOUR TOWER IS DOWN

 !Dee C: I do apologize however we have to troubleshoot the phone in order for us to check on what actions are we going to follow.

 Dipitie : fine. It's already been rebooted and I've already tried to connect to the network manually

 !Dee C: I understand.

!Dee C: Please make sure your phone is not in airplane / flight mode. See Network under Settings.

 Dipitie : it's not

!Dee C: Thank you.

!Dee C: May I ask for your complete address for me to check if there is an outage.

 Dipitie : 

!Dee C: Thank you. Please gove me 3-5 minutes to check.

!Dee C: Thank you for waiting, upon checking there is no outage on your phone, I really suggest that we do basic troubleshooting.

 Dipitie : Whatever

Dipitie : you guys tell me the same thing every time I call

!Dee C: I understand. May I ask for the IMEI? Please dial *#06#.

Dipitie :  

!Dee C: Thank you.

!Dee C: Please turn off your phone and detach the simcard, please let me know the simcard number.

 Dipitie :

!Dee C: Thank you.

!Dee C: Please return the simcard and turn on your phone.

!Dee C: After that please try to call if it will go through this time.

!Dee C: Please let me know once you are done.

Dipitie : all done. No network. Still.

Dipitie : Still have full signal on ATT

!Dee C: I understand.

Dipitie : How long will it take for you to understand the TOWER IS DOWN?

!Dee C: Please perform a manual network and let me know what are the options you are seeing on the screen.

 Dipitie : Every single time you tell me that service is fine, and then after all of the jumping through hoops you then come back and say, Oh, Mea Culpa, you're right, the network is down.

 Dipitie : the only option is ATT. I have done that three times now. FULL SIGNAL ON ATT

 !Dee C: I understand, however upon checking on your area there is no notes that is saying that the tower on your area is down.

 Dipitie : You know, I don't even care about it anymore. I want a credit on my phone and I want to know what the lowest cost options are to keep my basic service. I need a new (NON-SMART) phone because the one I have sucks

 Dipitie : There probably aren't any notes because nobody at T-mobile even thinks to check and nobody else in town probably uses you!

 Dipitie : Maybe you should pass me over to a supervisor now.

!Dee C: I understand this is frustrating on your end however we are still currently doing our troubleshooting steps and if we finish that we will know what are the options that we have, if we are going to file a trouble ticket or we are going to consult our technical care department regarding this issue.

 Dipitie : fine. continue.

!Dee C: Thank you.

!Dee C: Have you tried to perform manual network selection again?

Dipitie : for the fourth time? You honestly think it would help?

!Dee C: I will be needing the message and the exact option that you are seeing on the phone.

 Dipitie : I truly feel like you're just wasting time hoping the tower will be coming back online.

 Dipitie : It says that my selected network, T-Mobile, is not available and the only network that IS available is ATT. What else do you need?????

 !Dee C: Thank you. Please give me a moment to check the error message that you are getting.

 !Dee C: Upon checking we will be needing to master reset your phone.

Dipitie : okay?

Dipitie : stop wasting my time and just tell me

!Dee C: I will be sending you the steps for the master reset.

!Dee C: Please allow me to have 2-3 miutes.

!Dee C: befire we master reset please be advised that master clear or factory data reset restores the original factory settings and erases content, including downloaded ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. This feature allows for resetting of sound profiles, display settings, and phone or memory card settings. However, if you want to try resetting some factory settings without losing any data, then clear system cache before a master reset.

 Dipitie : oh great, thanks for nothing.

!Dee C: Since the next troubleshooting step requires you to perform a master reset which can take up 10 to 15 minutes and requires you to back up your data and reset your phone, I am going to send you the steps to perform a master reset. Please contact us after 15 minutes to see the results.

 Dipitie : I'm not going to do a effing master reset to clear every single thing I have placed on my ophone over the last two years BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO OPEN A TROUBLE TICKET FOR SOMETHING THAT IS YOUR FAULT


!Dee C: Back up all necessary data and synchronize files. See: Prepare for a master reset and back up data on AndroidFrom the Home screen, tap the Menu key.

 Tap Settings.

Tap Privacy.

Clear the Back up my data check box. If this data is backed up, the phone will not completely reset.

 Tap Factory data reset.

Clear or select the Erase SD card check box.

Tap Reset phone.

Tap Erase everything.

If prompted, enter the password.

Note: The default password is 1234.

Tap OK.

10. If necessary, enter and confirm the password again.

11. Tap OK.

Dipitie : NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DONE WITH YOU



 !Dee C: I understand this is frustrating on your end.

!Dee C: Please be reminded that we have follow the procedures that are possible of us to resolve the issue.

 !Dee C: Please wait while I will attempt to bring in a senior agent or a supervisor to assist us with this issue.

 Dipitie : no, you don't understand. you obviously don't listen to what I am telling you nor do you even go back and read the notes. I have been here before, and there WAS an outage. IN ALL THE TIMES I HAVE CALLED, WHICH I CAN'T EVEN COUNT ON MY FINGERS, nobody has EVER asked me to reset my phone. I see this as another time waster so you don't have to help me.


 !Dee C: I understand.

!Michael W has entered the session.

Dipitie : No, you obviously don't.

!Michael W: Hi Dipitie, my name is Michael one of the senior representatives and for your reference, my ID number is 1450763. Please give me 3-5 minutes to review your concern.

 Dipitie : well, hello Michael, care to jump in?

!Dee C has left the session.

Dipitie : Thank god

!Michael W: Thank you for patiently waiting. We apologize for the inconvenience.

 Dipitie : and?

!Michael W: Let me go ahead and review my resources here.

Dipitie : are you in the United States?

!Michael W: Just to verify, your just having issues in your area or even if leave your town?

 !Michael W: I apologize, I am unable to disclose that information for security purposes.

 Dipitie : in my area. I don't leave town. I would have to drive 40 miles to get to the next T-mobile coverage are

 Dipitie : That means you aren't

!Michael W: Thank you for that information.

!Michael W: Let me go ahead and check your address.

Dipitie : My address is in the above text. Now that I have been in chat for over an hour, I have to go to a meeting in 10 minutes

 Dipitie : what a collassal waste of my time.

Dipitie : with absolutely nothing accomplished.

!Michael W: I apologize if you feel that way. We have to check every single detail to make sure that the resolution is accurate.

 Dipitie : really excited I can email this to myself - I think I'll be sharing this ridiculousness with every one I can think of.

 Dipitie : You only have to do that because you're in another country and don't have any other resources.

 !Michael W: Regardless of my location, I have the appropriate resources to check on this.

 !Michael W: Are you getting any error message 'Emergency Calls Only' or Error: 'SOS?'

 Dipitie : nope

!Michael W: Are there other T-Mobile customers in your same location with service?

 Dipitie : You don't have the reources to test if there is an outage... which there is. You have to have someone else open a trouble ticket before you can verify

 Dipitie : No, there probably aren't any other T-mobile customers because T-mobile sucks.

 !Michael W: That will be determined by the out come of the troubleshooting steps that we are following.

 !Michael W: I understand that you are frustrated, please bear with me on this one so we can determine the steps that we need to take to resolve your concern.

 !Michael W: Are you using your T-Mobile G2?

!Michael W: Dipitie are you still there?

!Michael W: It seems you have stepped away from your computer. I regret that I am going to have to disconnect this chat. Please contact us again via Live Chat, or by calling 1-800-937-8997 or by dialing 611 from your handset. Thank you for using T-Mobile Chat. Have a great day.

 Thank you for using our online help. You may now close this window.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three months

I haven't blogged in three months. Wow, time sure does fly. In some ways, a lot has happened, and in other ways, nothing has happened.

I survived my birthday, the anniversary of my last IVF, my only pregnancy and my only miscarriage. I had an anniversary with my husband. I've traveled, and I've worked. I've run a bit, I've hiked a lot.

I guess you could say we are again trying to get pregnant. Although, after four and a half years, what exactly is trying? I guess I will try to actually have sex around the time I ovulate. Believe me, when you get to be my age, and when you have the schedules that my husband and I have, sex is always often an afterthought. I know I must have some hope, because that is the only thing that would possess me to even consider peeing on an OPK these days.

I have good days and I have bad days. I still hate I'm still jealous of every pregnant woman I see. All the family babies that have been born in the last five years... I hate getting their birthday party invites because they just remind me how long we've been doing this. I should have a child older than that niece. When that nephew's first birthday invite arrives, I should be thinking about Austin's first birthday.

There are times I feel okay about it, good enough to discuss my struggles with others. There are other times where I break down for no apparent reason. It's like the tears were there, just waiting for me to let my guard down. I don't even feel sad, and then there they are.

Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm losing my mind.