Sunday, January 13, 2013


I signed up for Weight Watchers again one week ago, but you would never know it by the way I spent this last week. I don't even feel like I ate that bad today, but right now, about two hours after dinner, I feel disgusting. Bloated and uncomfortable.

What's my issue anyway? I seem to have some sort of amnesia when it come to what I should or shouldn't be doing. Like eating - I conveniently forget that I'm supposed to track. Wait, track? Oh yeah, track! Ugh.

So, one week in, it's time to regroup. I need to plan a week of food. If I can't remember to track, I guess I need to just make it mindless.

I also need to plan out some extra exercise. Maybe I need to take my snowshoes to work for a midday hike. I certainly need to do things other than clean or watch tv on my days off. I have got to get ME back.


  1. I haven't used WW before but I used to do better on losing my weight for the week if I did keep daily tabs on what I ate. Every day I would write down how much and the calorie counts. When I got to 1500 for the day that was it. Some days I felt great and quite full stopping at just under 1000.

  2. I haven't done WW, but I was supposed to starve myself last week (not really, just not go over 1200) and it just made me eat more lol I have done that before and worked out, bla bla but we've been sick over here and eating was just for comfort, trying my best this week.

    Good luck and let's do this!


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