Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Pissed at You, Weight Watchers

So, this is the third time I have tried to lose weight on Weight Watchers since they changed the plan from Momentum to PointsPlus. If I still have any old school readers, you might remember that I actually reached Lifetime on the Momentum plan, just a few months before PointsPlus was introduced.

I've since struggled with the plan, even though I feel like I'm eating the same way as I did before.Granted, I'm not running like crazy like I was before. However, I was running like crazy my first six months on PointsPlus. That's when the weight started to creep up. Add a few years and a lot more pounds.

Maybe I can't blame Weight Watchers for the weight creep, but then again, maybe I can. Weight Watchers didn't give lifetime members free etools back then, and one thing I think I realize now is that I'm going to have to track the rest of my life to stay on track. Apparently Weight Watchers finally got a clue and is giving etools to all the lifetime members that are weighing in once a month to maintain their Lifetime membership. So now, all I have to do is get back to goal and I can maintain it. Easier said than done.

Why? Because everything is different. If most of your diet is fruits and veggies, you might not track any of those as points. This includes calorie heavy items like bananas and butternut squash. Hell, even an apple has almost 100 calories, but is 0 points under the new program. But, put those items into a recipe - a smoothie, a fruit salad, and all of a sudden they add up into points. WTF? How is that right in any universe? I don't mind counting points for my fruits but why does it have to be so flipping complicated?

So, I'm talking to you, Weight Watchers. Perhaps some sort of automatic calculation would be good - you used to have one. If I had one artichoke, it was 0 points but if I had two, the tracker counted 1.5 points. I don't want it to be so complicated, and I certainly don't want to have to decide how many points I'm going to track. If counting calories worked for me, I wouldn't be paying for Weight Watchers, so get it together.

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  1. That is ate up. I can't make sense of the changes either from what you stated. Why on earth would it only count when mixed together and not by the piece? Are they trying to make us fatter?


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