Monday, April 8, 2013

Meeting a pup

I'm so nervous. I'm likening my feelings to trying to get knocked up. I'm sure if it happened right away I would have freaked out. This is like getting pregnant the first cycle we tried. I've only been looking for a dog seriously for a week, and here we are. I'm almost positive I can take this one home tomorrow if I feel like it.

I'm nervous because I thought I would have time to prepare. I thought there would be lots of time to get ready, while I wait for final approvals, etc. I don't have the right size crate. I don't even have a collar. My house hasn't even been puppy proofed. I've had adult dogs for too damn long.

I don't know if the chiweenie is going to like her, and I'm not even sure how I can tell if he does or doesn't since he has a small dog attitude all the time.

Hell, my husband isn't even going to meet her tomorrow which leaves it all up to me. What if she's perfect? Do I take the time to be absolutely sure and risk losing her? Do I come prepared with the adoption fee, or do I not bring it so I can't make a rash decision?

Ugh. I need sleep.


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