Monday, May 20, 2013

DietBet Success!!

So, I have to say this was a success! I don't feel like I was doing anything different, but apparently I was! Apparently having money on the line is helpful for my weight loss!

I started my DietBet on April 19 at 182.5 pounds, and finished on May 16 at 174.0 for a total loss of 8.5 pounds in four weeks! I also won $45.56. Yeah!

So what am I doing with that money? Considering I turn 40 in six weeks, I used my winnings to join two more bets!

This DietBet starts today, and this one starts on Saturday, June 1, which makes the final weigh in right before my 40th! I'm hoping that by joining two overlapping ones, that I will be motivated continuously until my birthday. For the first one, my goal is to lose 7 pounds. I will be weighing in on Thursday, May 30 for the second one, and determining my 4% goal from there. I will be stoked if I can lose 10 pounds total in the six weeks, as that would put me within 10 pounds of my Weight Watchers lifetime goal weight.

I'm also betting money I'm going to work out with Gympact. I bet $5 per workout, and then get money back when I meet my weekly goal. If you use the link above, you get $5 to start provided you workout three times that week. You do need a smartphone with the app though.

I've found that money, not necessarily what I've spent (because who hasn't paid for a gym membership they hardly used) but what I might win, makes all the difference for me. What motivates you?


  1. I think that is a great idea. Good work!

  2. Way to go! And thanks for the love xox


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