Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NOT the secret to my success!

Wow, what a tough weekend for healthy eating and weight loss!

It all started with my husband wanting to BBQ. Not grilled food mind you, real BBQ - he made pulled pork. Uh oh.... He also brought home some of the sour beer that goes so well with the smoky pork. I only had a sip and I made a mustard based bbq sauce (slightly fewer calories than a sweet tomato based sauce) but of course I had to have it on a bun with cole slaw. Then of course we went to happy hour on Monday where I just about lost my mind in margaritas and chips.

Oy vey! I'm up a couple of pounds, which is probably mostly water weight (fingers crossed!). Luckily, I have been good at getting at least 10,000 steps a day which helps. Hopefully by Friday I will be back down to last week's weight, which then gives me two weeks to lose four pounds. Hard, but doable, right? This will require me to be on my game. My second dietbet starts Saturday but I can weigh in tomorrow - it might be a slight cheat, but I'm also hoping that I will still be a little bloated and retaining water when I get on that scale tomorrow. Hahaha! Game on! Here's to losing 10 pounds in the next month, and being 10 pounds away from my Weight Watchers lifetime goal by my 40th birthday!


  1. 10,000 steps a day? stair climber or walking?

  2. Pedometer - walking, running, stairs, whatever. I have a fitbit so it tracks everything.


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