Thursday, May 23, 2013

The secret to my success: Coffee

I love coffee. I didn't really like it when I was younger, of course, just as I wasn't a huge fan of beer or wine. Of course, I am now, of all three!

While beer and wine are detriments to my weight loss plans, I attribute much of my success to coffee. I notice I am hungrier when I don't have coffee in the morning. I must be on to something, because Bob Harper (you know, from the Biggest Loser) included it in his book "Jumpstart to Skinny." I have read that caffeine helps you burn more fat, and I know the caffeine in coffee acts as an appetite suppressant for me. It also gives me a treat without impacting my calories too much, especially when I use low calorie almond milk and sugar free Torani syrup.

The two times I have been successful at losing weight, I was drinking coffee regularly, and that's enough for me!

What is your top weight loss success secret?

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