Friday, May 3, 2013

This is Exactly How I Feel

Thank you Furrowed Fox for this post about NIAW and the still childless.

That post is really the most perfect way my feelings have ever been put into words. Pretty sad that I didn't write it! It's been really hard for me to get lapped on the baby front. I started late and of course by the time I got there, plenty of people were already struggling. I was so happy for them when they conceived and gave birth. Then I started to meet more people struggling with infertility, people just beginning their journey and I was hopeful for all of us. Those people also conceived and gave birth before I did. The closer everyone else got to motherhood, the further I fell behind.

I've accepted it, albeit with much bitterness and self pity, and I have learned to move on. The sad part is that I no longer really feel part of the IF "movement" if you will. There was a time when I was surrounded with people in the same boat, and no I no longer feel that way. For the most part, those still childless still have hope. I can count my likely childfree for life peers on my fingers. I am glad to have them, but that 1 in 8 silent sorority no longer applies. Now we're like 1 in 50, or something ridiculous like that.

So for all those women who are at the end of their journey, have put aside the false hope, stopped the financial bleeding of ART, and are looking to move on with their lives, I am here for you, and I understand.


  1. Thanks for always being there for me.

  2. Thanks for always being there for me!!


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