Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Annual Physicals

I love the paperwork I have to fill out at my annual physical.

Number of pregnancies: 1 (there was a time when that would be zero, so yay uterus...?)
Number of births: 0 (good times)

Method of birth control?

I am usually good an either leave it blank or circle none, but I'm always tempted to write in "infertility"

In other news, all my shit looks good. Blood sugar was 99, Cholesterol was 199 with my HDL being high (yay!). Liver enzymes and inflammation all good. (I knew that shitty ass job with the fucked up boss was bad for my health! I love how everything is all normal now without me doing much different.) Waiting on my pap results still and have to get a mammogram when I turn 40, or at least sometime over the next year.

In the meantime, I know I am doing what's right for my health. So I'll keep plugging away at my weight loss and goals and life - just living my life has been the best medicine!


  1. Hey that is great news! Wishing my levels were better.

  2. I wrote "LOL" in the birth control box a couple years ago when I switched PCPs. I highly recommend it!


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