Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Spoonful of Saturated Fat, Please!

I have to say, I am really excited about this new way of eating. One could say it's similar to Atkins, South Beach, Zone or any other low carb diet, but I feel inherently it IS different. I love the focus on whole foods. While it touches on some of the Paleo principles, it's not Paleo either. I can't even say it's new, because we used to eat like this. Maybe not EXACTLY like this, but before the food industry started touting low fat. This way of eating seems to defy all rules of "healthy" and "weight loss." And look at where we've gone since then - more preservatives, more sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, trans fats, hormones, pesticides, and contamination.

Now don't get me wrong. I can't afford to eat grassfed anything. Bone in chicken breasts for $11.50 a pound? $14.50 for a pound of butter! $14 for a pound of bacon. It's really sad how poverty (or even middle class) dictates the quality of our food. However, what I can afford to do is try to eat as whole as possible. While I might not be able to afford grass fed raw milk or butter, what I can do to spend a little extra to get dairy products with no hormones. I can spend a little more on organic produce when it's on sale. I can choose to buy the most natural food possible.

This, coming from a coupon-a-holic and sale whore, is going to be a challenge. How many times will I buy something I know I shouldn't have because Vons wanted to give it to me free? Countless times. I have a cupboard full of unhealthy food, and I have a husband who is still in the quantity over quality mindset, which wouldn't normally be an issue, except I can barely afford to feed his ass anyway!

This is the time I wish I lived in a more hospitable area. Locally we can get some fruits and veggies at usually not too high of a price. I did find a local, organic, raw honey that isn't too expensive. If we had a freezer, we could buy a cow or a pig from the 4-H auction, maybe not grassfed, organic necessarily, but local and healthier and better treated than a grocery store animal. I might even be able to track down some eggs. Raw milk products don't appear to be possible without paying the obscenely high prices, but I'll keep looking. This is the problem with a small town far from agriculture, which is why we pay too much for even crappy food.

I wish it wasn't this hard. I wish factory farming would be outlawed. I wish I didn't have to read every single label out there, even on the grocery store perimeter. I wish I could trust the FDA to actually have our health as a priority. I wish there wasn't such a discrepancy in the costs of healthy, whole food versus packaged, subsidized crap.

If this really works, what a revelation this will be for me! As someone who lost all her weight on Weight Watchers (the only thing that worked for me, actually), this is a completely different mind set. If I lose the belly fat I have always had (as long as I can remember), and my blood chemistry numbers get better, and maybe, just maybe (but not holding my breath), my egg quality gets better, how fucking rad would that be? I'm very hopeful.

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  1. I think a lot of times it's a matter of demand & supply. I think it is important to spread the word and make other people see the importance of changing to this more wholesome lifestyle not only for their own health, but also for the environment! Maybe one day we'll join venture and create something for the people up there! :)

    So happy to be reading these posts! <3


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