Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Real Grain Changer

This post is so overdue, it's not even funny. So this is what I've been doing for the last few weeks since I went to see my nutritionist and she said that I should give up grain. GRAIN. ALL grain.

Well, shit.

So no more bread, no more crackers, no more corn, popcorn, quinoa, etc. She must have sensed my distress, so she told me it wasn't forever, just for a little while. She then asked me how much grain I eat. "Not much," I said. "So it shouldn't be hard, right?" RIGHT?

Fast forward to life in general. No more afternoon popcorn snacks. No peanut butter on toast. Ever try eating out without eating grain? I'm not talking about gluten free, I'm talking no grain. Everyone seems to get gluten free now, but say you're grain free and you might as well be a green and orange alien from Saturn. Well, maybe not that bad because they assume you're paleo, but then tell them you want butter and cheese and would also eat beans, and MIND BLOWN.

So, I did it, mostly. Two major slip ups - once at the fair and once this last week during a momentary lapse of sanity due to fatigue. Or maybe that was a moment of clarity and sanity? I'm also not counting the random sips of beer my husband forces on me so I can try this that and the other.

The other thing she asked me to do was dry brushing. Funny, Angelina just blogged about Dry Brushing in conjunction with the Crazy Sexy Diet. I did it a few times, maybe once a week, but I had a hard time remembering to do it. Sometimes I was just too exhausted to remove clothes, and I wasn't sure if just doing my arms and legs would be good enough. I definitely did like the way it made me feel - most likely due to a little endorphin rush from a touch of discomfort. I'm tattooed and pierced so obviously I like a bit of pain.

I see my torturer, uh I mean my nutritionist, again tonight. Hopefully I will be able to blog a tad sooner this time with the latest restriction I have been given.

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  1. Wow I don't think I could give up a food group like that especially since whole grains are so good for the body.


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