Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I know many of you think I am absolutely insane for doing what I'm doing. Cutting out ALL grain? Only eating raw milk products? Spending the bulk of my budget on food alone when I could be having fun? Intentionally putting coffee up my bum?

Of course, I expect healthy, fertile people to be appalled. If you've never had a health condition that forced you to alter your diet, or struggled to have a child, none of this would have ever entered your brain, and it probably does sound crazy.

However, if you have struggled to get pregnant, especially those who have undergone fertility treatments, is it really crazier than the craziest thing you have done? Like injecting yourself with hormones and drugs, spending more time in a clinic during a single cycle than most people do in years, electively undergoing SURGERY under ANESTHESIA in order to collect some eggs so that a embryologist can inject a single sperm into each of them and then incubate them for 3-5 days so that they can be procedurally placed in your uterus with a hope and a prayer that they will decide to live. Does that really sound less crazy?

I'm just saying that out of all the things I have done to my body trying to get pregnant, a coffee enema isn't really topping the list. It's a hell of a lot cheaper too! And with any luck, I will come out of this healthier and happier. Instead of 15 pounds heavier and even more depressed, which is usually how I ended up after an IVF cycle.

Just saying.


  1. I feel the same way with veganism. I know a lot of people think it's an extreme way of eating. However, I think factory farming, GMOs, etc. are pretty extreme. Not to mention all the invasive medical things that can occur with some diseases that can result from a poor diet.

  2. People think Im crazy too... If you're passionate about something someone out there will think you're crazy. Good thing you are too cool to care


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