Monday, September 16, 2013


That's my word these days, and in more ways than one.

First of all, this way of eating is not easy. Apparently, I can no longer eat out. We went to dinner last night, and the only thing I old have with confidence was the salad bar, and even then, I know those veggies aren't organic, the eggs aren't free range, the beans were from a can. I did the best I could, even foregoing salad dressing, and I didn't touch the cheese bread, pizza or beer. Yet, I paid for it today. Not sure if it was the sunflower seeds or the canned, probably unsoaked, and certainly not sprouted, beans, but today I feel like crap. Gassy, bloated and a headache despite eating the right foods and drinking enough water. Perhaps I should be happy that I'm finally feeling something different.

So not being able to eat in a restaurant totally BLOWS. You know what else blows? Being limited to raw dairy. The one reason this way of eating started out fun for me is that I LOVE real food. Butter, bacon, cheese, fruits and veggies are my favorite things! Unfortunately, so are fresh baked bread and creamy risotto. Le sigh. I was able to give up grains fairly easily, but the dairy is killing me. I spent almost half my monthly budget on raw milk products and dairy, including some raw cheddar. Umm, raw cheddar is just not as satisfying. I'm dying for some Brie, some Gorgonzola, some fresh mozzarella!! Grrr.

I'm also still frustrated about food. Why is it so hard? Why are food companies allowed to produce such toxic products? Why is it that 99% of the food in the market is practically inedible? Why is it so expensive? My grocery budget is hemorrhaging and I'm not even eating the way I should be. I've cut out the grain and I'm now only eating only raw dairy, and while most of my produce is organic, not all of it is. Very little of our meat is pastured and/or organic because we just can't afford it. This is one of those moments where I am unhappy that I live in this small town in the middle of nowhere be wise everything is harder to get and you pay more for what you can get your hands on.

I'm getting better at coffee enemas, most of the time I can hang in there for the full 12 minutes. I hope they are helping.

Anyway, my big goal for the next couple of weeks is to chew. Don't ask how I know I'm not masticating my food enough, but I'm not! One of the biggest goals of this whole thing is to get my digestion up to par.

By the way, my last remaining vice is wine. If that gets taken away, I might riot.


  1. I know I could not go through a diet like this. While I try to eat as much hormone free, organic and healthy foods I could not do a coffee enema.

  2. Ugh, I am sorry. That definitely sounds frustrating. Hopefully, this will start feeling more routine for you and not as difficult.

  3. go to - on that site you can connect with organic local ranchers and farmers! A lot of them will ship - you often times will have to commit to a quarter or half an animal - they "process" it, package it and I believe often times it is freezable - you just need to have enough fridge space. You an also share with your office mates and friends! I think this will help a lot! :)


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