Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Am I one of those people that never finishes what she starts? I gave myself another year on my 101 things, and still haven't come close, nor do I have a bunch of money to buy my way out of it through charity. I also started a Project DreamCatcher that I promptly stalled out on. The stalling through the lessons wasn't the worst part though - I went to enter a few photos and baked goods into my local fair, only to find out that the three days available for entries was the week before. Such a shame too - I felt I could have been real competition! Next year? (Provided I don't move)

But I'm actually really easy on myself. I've been working a lot. And I've been embarking on this Real Food journey, and doing fun things with that. Things I should blog about, like coming up with creative recipes to utlize the pounds of greens I get each week from my CSA! Like foraging for wild elderberries in my local mountains and learning how to make jam, syrup and more! I also learned how to find pine nuts in cones from my local pine trees, albeit time consuming (I know why pine nuts are so damned expensive) but I feel very proud to be foraging for local and free food.

So why do I make plans like these? On one side I could say that it keeps me moving towards goals, but on the other side, sometimes it distresses me about things I have no control over. I also think that I need the freedom to complete other goals, you know? Goals I may not have even thought of yet.

Do you make goals? Do you beat yourself up when you don't always achieve them?

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