Friday, October 4, 2013

Food Processor, How I Need Thee

I am starting to think about all the things I can do with a food processor, and I think this is a justifiable purchase.

1. Nut butter - I can make my own! You know, decent peanut butter is at least $3 a jar, and almond butter is more like $5-6. I can purchase bulk nuts online, from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or even my local health food store.

2. Coconut butter - um, yeah! A pound of coconut butter is like $10, on sale! I can buy 5 pounds of organic raw coconut shreds for $14. Score!

3. Mayonnaise? Although my blender does pretty well for that.

4. Well, shit. I'm out of ideas.

I see lots of recipes for baby food, apple butter, etc. but I don't have a baby, and my blender did just fine for the apple butter I made earlier this week. (Man, I have GOT to get better about taking photos and blogging!). I hear pie crust is easier in the processor, but I don't make pie that often and my pastry cutter seems to work just fine for that. I also have no issues chopping veggies for salsa, salad, etc. Chopping hot peppers would be nice to do in the processor, so I don't accidentally touch my delicate bits with hot chili oil on my fingers (been there, done that, it's NOT pleasant). I also have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer which works fine for whipping cream, making cakes and cookies.

I did find this post on the Kitchn and if I could actually use it as a grain mill, it might actually be worth it.

Help me justify a food processor! How do you use yours to cook, make real food, or save money?


  1. I love my food processor! I make my own hummus and fresh salsa, and I've used the slicer/shredder blade on potatoes. I tried mashed potatoes, too, but they turned out kind of gummy. I'm thinking you're not supposed to put them in a food processor. The one I got was Hamilton Beach, 10 cup, for a very reasonable price on Amazon. Very easy to justify!

  2. I hate kitchen gadgets (take up too much space, only have limited uses etc) but I'm coming to the realization that I need one too. I make too many pureed soups and my hand blender isn't cutting it. They just take up sooo much counter space.


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