Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Many More Hoops Will I Jump Through?

I saw my nutritionist again yesterday. It was a good appointment, but a shitty appointment all the same. Life is going to change again. There was good news and bad news. Knowing me and my fucking ray of sunshine disposition, I'm sure you can imagine I'll be focusing on the bad news. Right?

One thing she says she likes about me: I'm transparent. She said it herself. Yes, when she tells me something new that I need to do, my face shows exactly how I'm feeling. Ha! Anyway, on to the appointment.

Bloodwork. We have the results. While it overall looks like mumbo jumbo to me, aside from the few things I have been taught to think were good/bad, she definitely was able to pick things out. Biggest issues are my liver (still clogged with fake fat, pesticides, etc.), my thyroid and my adrenals. I am also vitamin D deficient (odd since I rarely wear sunscreen and spend a good amount of time outdoors, perhaps not at lunchtime though) and iron deficient. I might also be forgetting something else that was discussed. Regardless, I have a whole new slew of things to do. She did give me the option to do some of it now, and then add in the rest of it later, but I'm tired of picking at the bandaid. It's time to rip it off.

#1. Eat more protein. Ugh. I'm supposed to be eating organic and preferably pastured. I honestly couldn't afford any of this already, but if I'm to add protein.... I'm not sure how else I can afford to except for purchasing conventionally raised meat. I just read this article, and perhaps I should be concentrating my protein purchases on lean proteins since the fat is normally what hold the pesticides, hormones, etc. and adding the good fat from my grassfed raw butter and grassfed lard and tallow, which is much less expensive. Anyway, I'm still taking the supplement to help me digest meat better. A side note - apparently the first five years of my life as a vegetarian dictated by my food nazi father is probably the reason why my body doesn't have the tools needed to process and absorb protein. I guess I ate a lot of cheese, but that apparently didn't do it. Thanks dad. Unfortunately, I think my brother and sister have befallen the same fate, and of course my father who stopped eating dairy now has osteoporosis. Of course, there is no reasoning with him because he's always right. And since I don't have a relationship with him,  I won't bother telling him any of this.

#2. Continue taking the fat digesting supplement, but dropping it back to three tablets a meal.

#3. Reduce coffee enemas to one, more concentrated cup each assfull. This is the good news, since I was doing two enemas each session of two cups each. The bad news is that I need to now do it seven days a week, but I guess that means if I dry brush beforehand, I will be getting my daily dry brushing done as well. So there's that.

#4. Add an herbal product made out of rosemary to help cleanse my liver. Apparently, caffeine and peppermint will affect it's potency or something like that. Which means no more coffee and no more of my peppermint tea. At least for the time being. Glad I didn't order any more of that heavenly raw cream. I'm also not brushing my teeth with the peppermint toothpaste options I have. Today I brushed with coconut oil. Apparently, it's antibacterial and whitens. It worked okay, I guess, but I don't have fresh minty breath. However, that rosemary extract adds a pleasant herbal quality to my breath. I have to ask though, can;t I just chew some raw? That would save me some money! I keed, I keed.

#5. Add a vitamin D supplement. Supposedly after this next month of vitamin D I won't need the supplement any longer.

#6. A bunch of other supplements to support my thyroid and my adrenals. The pill count is getting up there.

#7. She did an iodine patch on my arm. If I absorb the iodine really fast, then I'm deficient. She thought it might be gone by this morning, but it was still there, albeit faint. It's actually still there right now. Yay for not being (too?) deficient!

#8. This is the fun part! I get to start eating GRAIN again!!!!! Okay, but the deal is I need to add it in slowly to see if I get a reaction. I also need to soak and prepare it correctly, which means eating out is still going to be a shit show. No gluten though, at least not yet. Since I was bad and drank beer and ate pie crust (I was entering a competition, yo. I HAD to taste it!), as well as some other random baked goods, I have to wait a few days. funny enough, my allergies were going crazy this weekend, and I think they started after I ate my first roll.  Which means I'm screwed. She also told me about the best pie crust recipe in Nourishing Traditions made out of organic whole wheat flour that has been soaked. Ummm, yeah, but that's  unfortunately not going to win any baking competitions. My baking career is over before I even really started. Apparently, now I need to purchase that book too.

I have to say my level of frustration is rising. Up until this started a couple months ago, we had a $75 a week grocery budget for the two of us. Now it's off the charts and I'm STILL not buying everything organic like I should. Ugh. I'm typing that word a lot. Ugh. On the horizon is hopefully a freezer (ha, and I've been trying to justify a $130 food processor?), a side of beef ($1100 worth should last a year and that's only about $20 a week), and new meal planning tool. I'm currently reviewing some and will release my results as soon as I've made a decision on which one is the best.

Without the additional cost of food, I've spent about $800 on appointments, bloodwork and supplements. I am torn between optimizing my health and being fiscally responsible. However, it's still less expensive than an IVF cycle. I do wish I had known about this crap back when we were first diagnosed. We would have had easier access to the organic crap too!

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