Sunday, October 6, 2013

Next Steps in Ridding Toxins

I can't say I have been all that vigilant in immediately eliminating toxins from my home. It drives me a little crazy to throw things away. That's the cheap, penny pinching ex-couponer in me. But, I am slowly moving towards better health. Here are my goals for the next six months.

1. Clear out the Pantry. While there are some pantry items I will donate to a food bank (if that ever comes up again in this teeny town!), there are others that aren't that bad and I would rather be able to use them than lose them. I have packaged food that isn't terrible, such as Trader Joe's soups or canned beans. While I won't be buying any more, I prefer to use the ones I have now, and start replacing things in my cupboard with better choices.

2. Move away from plastic storage. I am very, very attached to my Ziploc containers. They are my go to to save leftovers, hold condiments, carry salad dressing, etc. This is my frugal side - I eat leftovers (saving money) and these things don't cost much money and they last forever! Ok, maybe not so much. I have read that they longer you use a piece of plastic, the more it leaches. Ack!

I think I have to give up my beloved (and BPE free Nalgene bottle) after reading this and this. So sad. Note. I will still use my plastic bottles for those times I need something unbreakable, such as hiking and bike riding. And I refuse to purchase a fancy glass bottle covered in silicone protection, so if anyone has ideas on how to protect a mason jar, please let me know!

So, what's my plan? Empty glass containers and Mason jars. First, empty glass containers are free. I mean, you already paid for them when you bought your spaghetti sauce/mustard/coconut butter, right? So why are you recycling them or throwing them away? I have started washing them out and using them for food storage. Since this is a somewhat new move for me, I have more storage needs than glass containers. That's where mason jars come in. They are cheap ($1-2 each) and they do double duty for preserving! Slowly, but surely, glass jars will be taking over my kitchen, and it's a good thing.

3. Stop using chemical laden cosmetics. This is going to be a hard one. First, I tend to buy things in bulk. I have gobs of shampoo and conditioner and antiperspirant and even my favorite moisturizer. Once again, throwing things away kills me, so for the time being I'm going to soak up the chemicals. But, as things slowly get used up, I am purchasing or making the replacements. I tried to go "poo free" a year ago, but it didn't go so well. I think my biggest issue was cold liquid dripping from my head to my body. Brrrrr!!! But I might try it again. It was cheap, after all! I have also pinned recipes (I lurve Pinterest) for deodorant and body butter. I also had a weird pimple pop up on my chin a few days ago, and after one application of coconut oil, it went away. Whoa. Sold.

4. Try to grow something. I learned something this fall about preserving. It's a whole lot cheaper when you don't have to buy the item being preserved! :/ While it's an awesome thing to do when your CSA overloads you with amazing produce or you catch an amazing sale, but it really makes sense when you can preserve your own harvest! So, my plan for the spring is to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, and maybe even pumpkins or some other winter squash plant. The tomatoes and cucumbers would fulfill the two things I tend to buy packaged the most - Pickles and Canned tomatoes/sauce.

Okay, so there are my four goals! I'm sure I am missing other options, but I think these four are plenty to start with. If I'm able to do all of this, imagine the amount of toxins I would eliminate!

Is there something I'm completely missing? Something different you would do instead? Let me know!


  1. I started re-using old glass jars for storage as well, and I can't believe I didn't do it before. I have all these mix matched jars in my fridge.
    I think you are doing an excellent job!


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