Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back on Track?

Oh man, the holidays (combined with my obnoxious work schedule during the holidays) got me way off track. I may have gained some poundage. I say "may" only because I haven't stepped on a scale. I stopped doing my coffee enemas, dry brushing, and oil pulling. I stopped taking my supplements. I added grain back into my diet (have you ever done the holidays without bread, cookies, etc.?) I e been imbibing alcoholic beverages. I've been eating sugar.

I'm spending one more glorious day eating whoever I want! Drinking coffee and champagne and eating whatever I want! And then Monday is the start of a new year.

Sometimes I wonder why I care. I started seeing the nutritionist to lose weight and I know I have more learning to do, more work to do, more of all of it to start seeing results. I also have this nagging hope that any of this will help facilitate a miracle. I can't honestly say that I'm doing this for health or weight loss than I am for fertility.

Regardless, here's the plan. It's pretty much what I should have been doing this whole time.

1. Cut out all grain. No more rice or corn, even if I don't think I have reactions. On that note, no more potatoes or sugar for that matter. I'm going back to low carb, at least for a few months.

2. On a similar point, I'm cutting out booze. Yes, I love my wine, and with a social job like I have, cutting it out will be next to impossible, but I will do my best. I guess on that note, I will also be cutting out any fruit juice.

3. Get back on the supplements. The faster I heal, the better.

4. Pick up the detoxing habits again - oil pulling, dry brushing and coffee enemas.

5. Include fermented foods in my diet, including fermented pickles and water kefir.

6. Tracking my food and activity to create a sight deficit. I feel like my metabolism should be repaired by quite a bit at this point, since I have done 5 months of resetting, but I also think I still have an odd relationship with food, without the ability to quit.

7. Start running again. I miss racing, and I want to sign up for some in 2014. It's been far too long.

8. Start a simple body weight exercise routine, even if it's just some planks and squats.

I hope this gets me back on track quickly and without too much effort.

Happy new year everyone!


  1. Hoping that you are able to get back on track again. I've been trying to follow the gestational diabetes diet which is lower in simple carbs and very little sugar.

  2. I am in the same boat. Your plan sounds great, good luck!

  3. Ahh getting back on track is a bitch... wish I could find a magical way to never get off track to begin with. If you figure it out let me know!


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