Saturday, January 11, 2014

January Week 1 Grocery Shopping

Holy cow. I guess the best way to get back on track budget wise is to just track. We pretty much went through the whole month in just this week. I did place my Amish farm order which lasts us three weeks, and this week was H's birthday which included extra spending for his cake and gifts, and of course treats and food for a little party. But still!!!! So I'm going to have to buckle down a bunch just to not completely blow it this month.

Here are the dirty details:

Week of January 5: $455.98

Santa Cruz Organic limeade $4.59
Charmin Toilet Paper $12.99
Organic Eggs 2 doz $8.79
Deli turkey (for H) $8.96
2.22 lbs bananas $1.31
2.3 lbs oranges $2.28
Red onions $2.27
Roma Tomatoes $1.88
Yellow onions $2.03
2 grapefruit $2.38
White onion $1.76
Organic lacinato kale $1.99
Odwalla Orange Juice $5.99
Organic fresh rosemary $0.99
Total: $64.54

Mexican Market
2 avocados
3 oranges
2 cans coconut juice
2 bags limes
2 packages Oaxaca cheese
Total: $14

Sugar (H's birthday cake :/) 1.79
Canned Pineapple $1.59
1 Cream Cheese $4.38
Bananas $1.02
Baby Bok Choy $1.12
Brussels Sprouts $4.46
Carrots $3.65
Total: $18.01

Rite Aid
Baby wipes $5.83
Total $6.30

Health Food Store
Bulk Walnuts $2.52
Coconut shreds $4.49
Pastured butter $4.35
Total: $11.36

Crystal Light (ugh, but it is my husband's birthday) $1.50
Chicken Breasts $7.22
1 packages Grass Fed Ground Beef (I know I have a cow, but it was on sale!) $9.98
2 Avocados $2.00
Tomatoes $2.83
Ranch dressing (Again, H's birthday) $5.00
Chardonnay (H's birthday, WTF) $10.99
Total: $40.56

Amish Farm Shipment
2 Quarts Buttermilk $6.00
10 Dozen Pastured Eggs $60.00
3 pastured chickens $95.65
3 Packages maple sausage $21.28
Ginger Kombucha $5.00
Mushroom and leek cheese $7.43
1 Pint Cottage Cheese $4.50
Swiss cheese $7.43
Aged mozzarella $6.95
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream (guess I had a craving when I placed my order!) $6.50
Shipping: $44.15
Total: $264.89

Icing Tips $2.19
Blue Icing $2.49
Number 4 Candle $2.19
Number 0 Candle $2.19
Birthday Card $2.99
Chicken Wings $6.41
Serrano peppers $0.10
Green Onions $1.19
Lemongrass $0.10
Total $20.75

Health Food Store
Ginger Chews $3.58
Crystallized ginger $3.05
Organic cream cheese $3.55
Total: $10.42

Rite Aid
Command Hooks $3.59
Confectioners Sugar $1.27
Total: $5.15

As you can see there were a lot of unnecessary things in this week's spending. Therefore, from here on out we'll have to be more frugal, do a little pantry and freezer cleaning and see how well we can do. One budget killer is going to be our farm deliveries because we get two Amish and one local this month, and that only happens a few times a year. I have to take advantage of it when I can though! I also want to limit my store trips - this week I kept running out of things/forgetting things/or the store being out of things. I had to go back three times just to get chicken wings! Grrrr.

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  1. I hate when I have to go back and get more things that I've forgotten.


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