Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sooooo Slooooooow

So my average pace per mile has slowed down considerably. And my legs are feeling heavy. I'm so embarassed at how slow I am!


I'm trying to figure out why. I think some of it was my move to altitude right after my hiatus in training due to IVF - I had slowed down about 2 minutes per mile. I thought I would naturally regain that speed when I grew some more red blood cells, but I never really did. I've also done a few runs at sea level since, and I think my body is just used to moving slower, if you know what I mean?


Another issue is I'm older and heavier. I'm about 20 pounds heavier than my PR Marathon weight, and five years older (can you believe it's been five years?). Obviously, I can't get younger, but I can lose weight, right? Though I'm just a little unsure of how to lose weight any more.


I live in a pretty hilly area and I don't really know of many flat trails where I can take my dog off leash. I know hills should make you faster, but I feel like they just make me tired LOL. I should definitely try a flat road run, a track session, or maybe even a one mile challenge to get a baseline. I went back to Couch to 10k, trying to use the intervals as speed training, but I'm still feeling a bit sluggish, even with the extra rest. I've also been slacking on the strength training and the yoga/flexibility which I know could be hurting me.


While I can try to blame my diet, I really can't. Yesterday I wondered if I wasn't getting enough carbs to fuel my workouts since I cut out grain and legumes and don't really eat a lot of fruit. However, if anything, I've been getting progressively faster since I reduced my training volume and started focusing on spped, Whole30 or not. I haven't been eating or drinking on my runs because my fuel belt is old and the bottles won't stay put. I also used to do caffeine before my run - usually coffee. However, since caffeine can contribute to adrenal fatigue, I'm a little hesiatant to start again. Maybe I can research different lower caffeine sources.


Here is what I'm focusing on:

1. Strength training and flexibility

2. Getting more sleep (i.e. going to bed by 10:00 pm no matter what)

3. Taking hydration and nutrition on my runs (just bought a new fuel belt)

4. Fartleks/Intervals (Hahaha I love that word)

5. Choosing more energetic music? Hahaha but seriously, I found an app called RockMyRun and they are supposed to have playlists set to a specific BPM.


Also, I'll do a road run in the next week or so (it's supposed to be snowing here so I might have to wait until after the storm). I'll eventually be leaving the pup at home once I get to the higher miles, so I might as well try it now, at least one day a week. He's gonna be so pissed.

Any other ideas from my seasoned runner readers?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fundraising Again

It's been over three years since I ran a race with Team in Training, and almost five years since I was fundraising! I'm back at it, to raise money for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco on October 19, 2014. I am looking for some new and unique fundraising ideas!

Here's what I have planned:

1. Throwing myself at the mercy of all my friends, family members and work colleagues
2. Planning on bakery orders all summer - cookies, cupcakes, and rolls. Thinking  Hoping might make a little bit every week all summer.
3. Contest/Drawing based on my finish time - asking for a minimum $25 donation and the person who gets closest to my time gets their pick of the prizes, and I'll go down the list from there.
4. Aaaand I'm out.

I'm hoping I might be able to do a guest bartender thing at an event in town, and I'm really trying to figure out how I can afford to copy a friend of mine and buy/ship medals to people when they donate money and do a fun run on their own. So far none of the medals I can even remotely afford are cool enough for my taste. I would also love to design a rad ass t-shirt to sell, but having trouble finding the right one.

Other than that, I'm looking for something new to do! If you have any suggestions, let them fly!

As far as training goes, I am working my ass off to try and get faster. I have slowed down to a turtleish 14 minute mile on my good days. Sheesh! Feeling slow. But I have a training plan set based on my summer schedule of work, vacation and other planned activities and the Jeff Galloway method. Even though I am slow, I am determined to break a five hour marathon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Grocery Budget and Meals 3/12 - 3/18

Here's the next batch for March!

Health Food Store 3/12
Bananas $1.39
Cashews $5.93
Ground pork $4.85
Water chestnuts $1.39
Total: $13.30

Von's 3/13
Organic eggs $4.49
Bananas $1.79
Santa Cruz organic limeade (really for water kefir this time!) $3.46
Cremini mushrooms $2.03
Muir Glen organic tomatoes (have a rebate!) $2.59
Canned tomatoes $1.78
Organic Romaine $5.00
Avocados $4.50
Sweet potatoes $2.42
Olive oil $5.00
Total: $34.06

Farm Delivery 3/14
8 dozen pastured eggs $48
2.11 pounds hot Italian pork sausage $14.77
5.3 pounds pastured chicken legs and thighs $41.34
Pint of sour cream $7.00
Shipping $27.78
Total $138.89

Vons 3/17
2 jars salsa $3.98
Hot mustard $4.99
Corned beef $4.61
Chicken breasts $5.69
Bananas $1.93
Green cabbage $1.73
Eggplant $0.75
Lemongrass $0.17
2 bunches organic kale $4.58
2 organic bell peppers $3.50
Total $31.93
Month so far: $329.61

Wednesday 3/12: Asian style pork lettuce wraps
Thursday 3/13: Grilled steak with asparagus and Brussels sprouts
Friday 3/14: Dinner out with friends
Saturday 3/15: Carne asada and mushroom taco salads
Sunday 3/16: Smoked chicken legs with salad
Monday 3/17: Corned beef and cabbage
Tuesday 3/18: Asian mushroom soup

This month I decided to pay a slightly higher shipping rate but not order as much from the farm, hoping I might be able to control my costs a bit. I also had a surplus of frozen chickens and breakfast sausage (which I can't eat on Whole30 because they have maple in them!) in the freezer so I opted to cut down on my order this month. I also found another couple of local options for chickens - not quite as healthy as they are organic but not pastured, but less expensive for sure. Next month there will be two farm deliveries so I'll have to decide how I want to handle - order less each time and pay more shipping, or skip one? I don't have enough room for 6 weeks of eggs so if I skip an order, I will have to buy organic eggs from the megamart.

I think I'm set up pretty well for the rest of the month, but I think I'm also going to try a bit of a pantry challenge, even though much of my pantry items, I can't use while I'm on whole30!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Workin' Out

So with this whole30 thing, I decided I should start working out. Unfortunately, I miscalculated how flaccid and out of shape I am.

Been seeing a bunch of commercials about DailyBurn. It has a 30 day trial and is supposed to be reasonably customized and give you a new workout every day, plus you can use your iPhone or iPad and get it onto your tv too. So easy to squeeze in right?

Well, the first time I thought about it and took the intro quiz, I was much more modest. However, this time I was all pumped up from 2 weeks on whole30 and I also just finished a run, and I still felt like I had a bunch of energy. So I signed up for the hard workouts. I can handle it! Right?

It started off with jumping jacks. The first 10 were like "this is awesome!" The next 30 were harder, and by the of the jumping jacks my calves were screaming for mercy. 

Mercy came, but in the form of butt kicks. Finally we got to the squats. Something to work my already strong legs! Wait, ouch. OUCH! FUCK! 

But no worries, now we're doing lunges. Ummm actually, no we're not, becausey entire left leg has completely seized up. You know what sounds better than working out? Watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, that's what.

Yes, I know that's how I got myself into this predicament in the first place. Yes, I only made it through 4 minutes. Let's just say I walked funny for three days and leave it at that.

On a side note, I also tried the beginner workout. I'm not doing that for a while. I'm starting somewhere else with this workout thing.

Day 15 of Whole30

I feel pretty accomplished being on day 15, even though I had a setback yesterday. We get fed at work and there were few options. One of the safe options was lamb, but I was wondering why I felt crappy after eating it. Sore throat and headache mostly. Well, it was cooked in beer. :/

I'm opting to not start over, with the biggest reason being that I have been gluten free for a while. I hope that's a good enough reason. 

Other than that, the second week of whole30 was a lot easier than the first. I even went to a Mexican restaurant! Pollo asada a la carte with guacamole, peppers and pico de gallo! I didn't eat any chips and drank water while everyone else drank margaritas. Go me!

I feel great and my husband thinks I'm skinnier. I don't feel it yet, but I can take a compliment. Ha! 

I'm looking forward to reintroduction, just to see how I react. Other than sprouted legumes, there isn't a lot I can't live without. Obviously I can if I have a reaction. And I know it's a bit early to talk about reintro, but they say there is no need to introduce a food you don't miss. Here are the things I will be reintroducing:

Dairy (butter and cheese mainly, will reintro other dairy separately if I decide to)
Sprouted legumes
Wine (not technically a reintro food, but I want to see if I have any reaction and will introduce white and red wine separately.)

I honestly can't think if anything else!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I was inspired by some lovely ladies in a Facebook group to try Whole30. If you haven't heard of Whole30, read all about it here!

I had heard about it, and when I noticed that a few of my friends were doing it, I started seriously looking into it. The funny thing is, that with my transition to Real Food, I had already started on this path. But a few things still weren't working:

1. I started to gain weight again
2. My sugar cravings were still very much present
3. I had a sneaky suspicion I might have a dairy intolerance
4. I wondered how non-gluten grains were affecting me

I think the real wake up moment for me was getting a coffee, and putting a crap ton of honey in it, and then still wanting it sweeter. That's pretty much when I realized I had an issue tasting sweets.

So I jumped in with two feet. Read the website, figured out what I could and couldn't eat on the program, perused Pinterest for Whole30 compliant recipes, and made a start date of March 1 which was promptly changed to March 2 (come on, there was still a bottle of wine in the fridge!).

I started posting about it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and a friend of mine reached out to tell me she owned the book. Score! She let me borrow it, and I'm so glad she did, because this isn't a book I would have normally bought, but now that I've read it, it makes a whole lot of sense. My medical history, blood sugar issues, liver enzyme issues, belly fat, etc. is all explained in this book. The plan focuses on how we react to food - psychologically and physiologically. And while I like grain, I can honestly saw I know now how my brain and my body react when I eat them.

In short, Whole30 is like a super strict Paleo diet for 30 days. The premise is to remove all potentially reactive foods from your diet completely for 30 days (and sometimes longer) in order to allow your body to heal. After the Whole30 period is finished, then you can start to add things back, one at a time, to see how you react to them. You also only want to add in the foods that you can't imagine giving up permanently, and then you have the opportunity to evaluate them to see if the food is worth the reaction. I already have had this experience, and the reaction was traumatic enough that I honestly don't crave bread any longer. On a side note, I'm pretty sure it's the gluten and not anything else in the wheat, as I was able to tolerate organic sour leavened bread during a test (sour leavening eats up much of the gluten).

Since I started on March 2, I'm now on my 10th day. I'm not going to lie, some of those long, stressful work days were hard. I craved wine, sugar, anything. A cup of herbal tea really didn't hit the spot. But I'm glad I pushed through. I am sleeping better and feeling a bit more energetic (or at least less less lethargic?). I am able to push harder during my runs too, although that might be more of a side effect of going back to shorter runs in order to work on speed. While I love my nutritionist, I can't afford the supplements any longer, but I think Whole30 is going to take me past where the supplements could. It is also forcing(?) me to remove things I was resistant about before, namely dairy and legumes.

Anyway, so far so good! My last day on Whole30 is scheduled for March 31 but we'll see how I feel. I'm pretty adamant that I can start reintroduction on April 1, but I suppose you never know.

March 3 - March 11 Groceries and Dinners

This month I'm doing it differently. I'm going to try and track my budget every week, as well as share what we ate for dinner. Breakfast is almost always eggs and maybe a little sausage and some veggies. Lunches for me are leftovers and the hubby eats leftovers or sandwiches made with cheese and turkey or salami. Dinner is the big wild card and where most of our budget goes into planning!

Mexican Market 3/1
Chile spiced Carrots
$20.00 (we get the "Mexican discount" for going in there all the time, but unfortunately no receipts)

Vons 3/5
C&H Pure Cane Sugar (for water kefir) $1.99
2 cans diced tomatoes $1.44
Santa Cruz organic limeade (originally for water kefir, but husband drank it within 12 hours, ugh!) $1.63
Best foods mayo (required by said husband) $3.99
Paper towels $2.99
Pepper jack cheese (for husband) $7.99
15 Grain Bread $1.99
Salami $5.78
Deli turkey $10.38
Bananas $3.84
Asparagus $2.16
Eggplant $2.29
Red onions $1.73
Roma tomatoes $2.32
2 Grapefruit $1.00
Brussels Sprouts $1.36
Red Cabbage $1.77
Tomatoes on the vine $3.58
Organic orange bell pepper $2.00
Organic green bell pepper $1.79
2 organic avocados $2.50
Organic red kale $1.99
4 packages mushrooms $5.16
Ranch dressing $2.39
2 packages Organic baby carrots $4.00
3 pounds organic yellow onions

Mexican market 3/10
Oaxaca cheese
6 avocados

Total for March 1 - March 11: $111.43

And here is what we made for dinner every night:

Monday 3/3: Roasted chicken with tomatoes, purple potatoes and carrots

Tuesday 3/4: Grass fed beef taco salads

Wednesday 3/5: London broil with grilled sweet potato wedges and roasted asparagus

Thursday 3/6: Duck confit with roasted cabbage and sweet potatoes frites

Friday 3/7: Chicken sausages sauteed with tomatoes and peppers

Saturday 3/8: Lemon oregano grilled chicken and salad

Sunday 3/9: Grass fed beef burgers with lettuce wrapping

Monday 3/10: Chicken vegetable fajita soup

Tuesday 3/11: Hot Italian pork sausage with tomatoes, mushrooms, and eggplant

Anyway, I hope this format makes it a bit easier to see how I use my grocery  budget and the groceries I buy to make real food healthy dinners. I hope it will also help me see any flaws in my shopping and planning - unnecessary expenses, etc.

February Grocery Budget

Split peas $3.98
Eco friendly dishwasing detergent $5.49
Pepper jack $6.79
Pork hocks $3.81
Bananas $1.48

Smart and Final
JalapeƱos $1.69
BBQ charcoal $9.99
Tangerines $4.99
Yellow onions $1.99
Coconut milk $3.18
Coconut cream $3.58
Chick peas $1.35
Red wine vinegar $3.38
Dog treats $8.97
Lemons $2.37
Garlic $1.39
Limes $0.78
Romaine hearts $2.79

Organic ketchup $1.81
Pepper jack $3.99
Sweet potatoes $2.18
Asparagus $2.07
Tomatoes $2.40
Mushrooms $6.45

Diced tomatoes $1.42
White rice $1.12
Dark chocolate chips $2.18
Organic potato and quinoa soup FREE!
Brown rice pasta $3.99
2 packages Aidell's Artichoke and chicken sausage $9.98
Bananas $2.46
3 Organic Avocados $3.75
4 Packages mushrooms $5.16
Fresh pressed apple cider $4.04
Ranch dressing $2.14
Apple pie moonshine $17.99

Pepper jack $6.99
2 packages deli turkey $7.98
Bananas $1.90
Green cabbage $1.09
Carrots $2.15
Organic celery $2.29

Amish Farm Delivery
5 lbs blue potatoes $5
1 pint fermented banana pickles $3.75
1 pt sour cream $7
6 dozen fertile soy-free eggs $36
3 pastured chickens (16.82 lbs) $100.08
1/2 lb cultured salted butter $8.50
3.01 lbs maple breakfast Links $22.58
2.13 lbs hot Italian pork sausage $14.91
Shipping $39.56
Total $237.38


Of the stuff I was able to track. I'm getting really annoyed because my husband refuses to save me a receipt whenever he shops. I am hopeful that we really did stay under $500 last month, so I am going to go on as if I did. And try to put the fear of God into my husband this month.

I did better this month because:

1. I had two Amish farm orders in January which helped take us through most of February
2. I did a really good job of estimating my Amish order - not so easy when a chicken can be anywhere from 4 pounds to over 6 pounds and sausage can be anywhere from under a pound a package to a pound and a half!

Hopefully March will be even better. You see, I think I am going to try Whole30 for a month and see how it goes. I'm tired of the weight creeping back up, and I think it's because I added some grains back in. I might not get a total allergic reaction to rice, but I think my body might be reacting in other ways. I have also have noticed my coffee needs a lot more sweetener than I think is normal. Obviously I'm just not really tasting it any more. Anyway, that means no more alcohol (calorie AND money punch!) and no more really expensive brown rice pasta just because I miss pasta.

As you can imagine, since this is the 11th of March, I am already on Whole30. I promise to Blog about it!